How can you be completely anonymous online

How can I be completely anonymous online?

Yes, it is technically possible, but you really, really need to know what you are doing. In other words, if you have to ask, the answer is No.

Every connection on the internet can be tracked, but it can only be tracked so far. When tracing a connection, the person goes host to host, follows clues, reads logs, and works with the data they can get. But when there are no more clues, the path ends.

If you can tunnel your connection through enough intermediate hosts that do not keep logs of your connection, countries that are difficult to get records from, organizations that do not have the infrastructure to keep sufficient records, then track them down again This path will be incredibly difficult. It is far more difficult to follow a trail afterwards than in real time because short-lived connection data is simply not saved. Once the connection is terminated, the systems tend to forget all about it.

But there are many clues that can leak through even the most carefully constructed web of misdirection. If the tracker can only determine your identity by observing the conversation, it doesn't have to follow the lead at all. And the misdirection only works when the tracker tries to trace you back on the path you came from. If suspicious traffic is coming from your house, it doesn't matter how many hops it takes to get where it's going.

And just as important, once you start creating patterns, you are no longer anonymous. You can only be anonymous once, and after that you start building an identity - maybe a fake identity; But that doesn't mean that the identity can't match you in one way or another.

If you intend to make a decision based on your ability to be anonymous on the internet, you will likely be disappointed with how it turns out.

And under no circumstances bet on anonymizing services and proxies for consumers. If it's popular enough that you've heard of it, it's a target for surveillance.