Why shouldn't we ban PUBG?

PUBG Mobile: Banned in India to protect national security

PUBG Mobile isn't the only game from a Chinese publisher that is banned in India.

PUBG Mobile players in India will have to look for a different game going forward. Because as the government announced on September 2, 2020, the title is as well 117 further apps are banned with immediate effectto protect national security.

The blocked applications include all programs that are directly from the Chinese publishers Tencent and NetEase were released. However, games from companies such as Supercell (Clash Royale), in which Tencent has a majority, are still available.

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Apps are said to have stolen data

India explains that the reason is that they have received numerous complaints and reports regarding the apps. The programs mentioned »stole« the data of the users and got them »secretly and in an unauthorized way« transmitted to serverthat are outside of India.

The Indian government goes on to say that this not only jeopardizes the privacy of its own citizens, but also theirs Integrity, security and sovereignty of the country. That is why it was decided to implement immediate emergency measures.

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A lack of transparency is criticized

The New Delhi-based interest group "Software Law and Freedom Center" criticized the reasons for the ban. According to them, this indicates that the country must become more transparent in terms of data protection.

The decision is not entirely unexpected, however. Since the beginning of the year, the Tensions between China and India at. As recently as June 2020, 20 Indian soldiers died in the Himalayas in a conflict with China. Meanwhile, there are calls from India calling for a boycott of Chinese goods. Corresponding hashtags are therefore trending more often on Twitter.

If you want to know what the company Tencent is all about, we recommend our background report:

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PUBG in India

The mobile version of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds was released in India in 2018 and became very popular there. 50 million players started the app at least once a month. In addition, the game made eSports big in the country and there were numerous national tournaments.

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