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Rachel Karen Green is a fictional character on the American television sitcom Friends (1994-2004). She was played by Jennifer Aniston, who received Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe for her performance.

Your name [edit | Edit source]

Both "Green" and "Greene" are pronounced the same, and the name is generally heard much more times than it appears spelled.

Although Rachel's family name is spelled like the color "green" on many websites, it is only seen in a reliable connection with the spelling "Greene" in the actual episodes.

The name is generally spelled "Greene" 3 times:

  • In "They Kissed and They Slapped" on Rachel's invitation to Ross' wedding. Ross had known Rachel for more than a decade, was in love with her and was her boyfriend, and he went by the name "Greene".
  • On the label of Emma's cradle in "The baby is coming! - Part 2". Hospital staff are well trained to enter the correct name based on the parents' identification papers and are unlikely to make a mistake. Parents, friends and family all see the name tag and would have had it corrected if it had been misspelled.
  • On the door sign of Rachel's office at Ralph Lauren, clearly visible in "The Rats". Rachel, her boss, and her colleagues need to know how the name is spelled and if it had been misspelled they would have had the name tag remade.

In general, her name is only visible "Green" without an "e" at the end when it is hand-written on the box of Emma's birthday cake in "Presents, Presents". This is not a reliable link as Rachel ordered over the phone and it is possible that a bakery clerk (either the secretary who took the order or the cook who baked the cake) made a mistake.

Biography Edit source]

Previous life Edit source]

Rachel Karen Greene was born to Leonard and Sandra Greene, who gave her and her two sisters Jill and Amy a rather spoiled upbringing, which meant that they could not be financially independent from their parents at first. Rachel originally had a big nose, but she later had a nose operation. Monica Geller first met her when they were both six years old. They quickly became best friends and stayed that way from then on, and the friendship blossomed by attending the same high school. Rachel also soon met Monica's older brother Ross, who had a crush on her, which he wanted to keep to himself, though Rachel admitted years later that she knew about his crush. Ross knew she would have rejected him and she did, as shown in the first episode when Rachel thought he was just "Monica's quirky older brother".

She was also dating a popular classmate named Chip, who was late to go to high school prom with her. When it turned out that Chip would never arrive, Ross, after encouraging his parents Jack and Judy, decided to ask them out on a date themselves. He later missed his chance when Chip arrived before he could ask her. She soon learned how uncomfortable, careless, and unfaithful at heart Chip was when he dumped her at the prom to have sex with another girl named Amy Welsh and left Rachel embarrassed and alone without a date.

Rachel herself was a bully for an overweight student named Will Colbert. In high school she was very popular and a mean girl. Ross dealt with the fact that she never seemed to notice his feelings for her in a very immature way. Ross, Will, and an overseas student formed an "I Hate Rachel Club". They spread a rumor about her that she had "both male and female genitals," and that "her parents flipped a coin and decided to raise her as a girl," something everyone in the high school (except Rachel herself) did. heard. Chandler heard the rumor about a "hermaphroditic cheerleader from Long Island" in high school, but didn't know it was Rachel.

During the 1987 Thanksgiving Day, Rachel arrives at Monica's house in desperation and tells Monica that Chip broke up with her because of Nancy Branson, and she tells Monica that she will never date Chip again, no matter what. Rachel then goes on to say that she is done with the high school boys in general and that she will be dating men. Rachel later tells Monica excitedly that Chip broke up with Nancy and that he wants to come to her house tonight.

On Thanksgiving in 1988, it is revealed that Rachel has changed her major because there was no parking space at the psychology building. Rachel had a nose operation. Later in the kitchen, Rachel teaches Monica "how to be sexy" so that Monica can take revenge on Chandler for calling her fat the year before.

A year before the Friends pilot, Rachel goes out with her friends to celebrate the engagement. However, it turns out that Rachel is very nervous about being with Barry for life and she tells them that she just wants one more affair before she gets married. Chandler, after hearing this from behind, drops a pool ball in hopes of attracting their attention. Rachel just ignores him, however. Then Monica recognizes Rachel and they hug and talk a little. When their conversation ends, Rachel asks Monica if she can have lunch the next time she's in town, and Monica agrees. Later, when Rachel drives home with her friends, she has a fantasy about Chandler that feeds her concerns about marrying Barry.

Season 1 Edit source]

In 1994 Rachel left Barry at the altar and climbed out the toilet window before entering Central Perk in a rain-soaked wedding dress. She was just discovering that she's more turned on by gravy than Barry. Her search for Monica, who she hasn't spoken to in several years, ends when she sees her and tells her what happened. Monica introduces Rachel to the rest of the group: Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, and Ross. Eventually, he decides to suggest that he maybe invite her out on a date one day, a suggestion she has no objection to. Rachel confronts her father on the phone about her escape from the wedding and announces that she will move in with Monica. She looks forward to this new phase of life until she is forced to find a job because her father cut her off financially. She becomes a waitress at the Central Perk. ("Love? No, not!")

Rachel is concerned about returning her engagement ring to Barry. When she visits him at his orthodontic practice, she learns that he cheated on her with her best friend Mindy Hunter. Years later, Rachel found out that he, too, was having an affair with her sister Amy. He also reveals that he was going on a honeymoon with Mindy, which upset Rachel even more. She returns the ring and later comforts herself with Ross. ("Family joys")

Rachel continues to work at the Central Perk. Monica is reluctant to introduce her new boyfriend, Alan, to Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, and Joey. However, it turns out that Rachel and the others love Monica's new boyfriend. Monica herself doesn't love him, so she breaks up with Alan, which annoys Rachel and the others. ("Separated from bed and thumb")

Rachel gets her first ever paycheck and is thrilled until she learns that the tax picks up the majority of her money. Rachel's fraternity sisters enter the Central Perk and pounce on Rachel, and the four women get back together and embrace. Rachel later asks about all the new gossip and is upset when she learns it's all about her leaving Barry. Rachel tries to reassure the women that their life is great, but they are not impressed with her job as a waitress. Rachel and Monica let their best friend Phoebe spend the night with them. Rachel gets a call from the Visa company because they noticed she hadn't used her credit card. Rachel then becomes depressed and Monica and Phoebe try to cheer her up. The roles are later reversed and Rachel has to cheer her up. Then the wrong pizza is sent home to them. ("Pizza and Erotic")

Ross falsely claims that his laundromat is rat infested so he can spend time with Rachel in her laundromat. Rachel gets into an argument with a bully at the laundromat. This woman tries to steal her machine even though Rachel had already put her basket on the machine. Ross stands up for Rachel and the woman leaves, but not before she puts a red sock in the basket, turning all of Rachel's white clothes pink. The same woman later steals Rachel's car, but thinks of the perfect way to put the bastard in his place - without starting a fight. She jumps into the car and angrily says that if the woman wants to take the car she must take Rachel with her. Tricked, the tyrant sneaks away in defeat. Excited about standing up for herself, Rachel kisses Ross in the laundromat, upsetting Ross and banging his head on an open washing machine door. ("On the gentle cycle")

In Rachel's apartment, Monica reveals how obsessed she is with cleanliness and organization when she disapproves of Rachel's subtle changes to the living room after cleaning it. The guys think it's quite a flaw on Monica, but she tries not to make a big deal of it. She can't even sleep thinking about a pair of sneakers she left haphazardly in the living room. She just wants to make the guys think that, like herself, she is a "madwoman". ("Shower!")

During a power outage, Ross decides to approach Rachel after seeing her on the balcony as this is the perfect romantic place. But before he can tell her his true feelings, a cat jumps on his back and he panics, lashes out and tries to shake off the cat, which has now dug its claws into him. Ross and Rachel return with the cat and Rachel decides to search the apartment building to find the owner of the cat, who turns out to be a beautiful Italian named Paolo. Rachel brings Paolo back and introduces him to the rest of the friends - everyone knows that she is attracted to him even though he doesn't speak much English, which makes Ross jealous. When the power comes back on, Rachel kisses Paolo, which annoys Ross even more. ("Dark Passion")

Rachel attends Monica and Ross' grandmother's funeral. Paolo had to return to Italy for a while and he sent Rachel some expensive dress shoes. Rachel messed up one of the shoes during the funeral. Ross injured his back at the funeral and tells Rachel that he loves her, but she believes it's just because of the pain medication he took while he was speaking. ("When grandma dies twice")

Ross travels to China as a museum representative to clarify a bone situation. Rachel opens her birthday presents and is touched that Ross gave her an antique cameo that she saw months earlier in an antique store and mentions that she reminded her of one her grandmother owned. Chandler accidentally leaked that Ross loves her by reminding the group that Ross bought Carol an expensive gift when he first fell in love with her. She goes to the airport to try to talk to him before he gets on the plane after realizing that she has feelings for him too. Annoyingly, he has headphones on so she is unable to stop him and tell him how she is feeling. ("The love donors")

Season 2 Edit source]

Rachel goes to the airport to greet Ross when he returns from China, then tries to leave in a hurry when she sees that he has come back with a woman he is intimate with and falls over, causing the couple to notice . Rachel is so upset that she has a one night stand with Paolo. She's incredibly cold towards Julie and does everything she can to sabotage her relationship with Ross, including getting Phoebe to cut her hair in the "Planet of the Apes" style and trying to convince Ross not to sleeping with her and saying it makes women really hot for a guy if he makes her wait. Rachel goes on a blind date in an attempt to overcome her feelings for Ross, but spends the entire evening drinking wine and discussing the situation with Ross. Rachel gets drunk and leaves a message on Ross' answering machine claiming she is over him. Ross listens to the message the next morning, gets confused and a little angry. Later that night, he goes to Central Perk to confront Rachel and they kiss passionately for the first time. ("Confession of a Lover")

In "The Horror List" Rachel dismisses the pros and cons of Ross (Julie vs. Rachel) because she can't stand that he would use the list as a reason for not being with her. She starts dating Russ, a guy who looks like Ross in every way but claims not to see the similarities until she witnesses the two of them each other using the same vocal inflections and a depressed, nasal "Hi." "argue when they see them.

After watching the video of her and Monica from prom, Rachel realizes that Ross was actually trying to admit his feelings back then. Overwhelmed by the fact that he was ready to be her prom date, Rachel walks up to Ross and kisses him. ("A lobster for Ross")

Their first date doesn't end well as Rachel can't stop laughing when Ross touches her bum. Eventually they overcome this little problem and sleep together for the first time in the museum's planetarium, where Ross has looked at the night sky with her and later moves to an exhibition area. ("Ross and Rachel - finally!")

Rachel's mother visits her and announces that she is leaving Rachel's father. This is a bombshell for Rachel who is struggling to compromise between her parents. She also has to grapple with Barry's marriage to Mindy, for whom Rachel is maid of honor. The whole wedding is a fiasco: Rachel presents herself at the wedding in a pink marshmallow dress; she walks up the hall, showing her bottom; she discovers that Barry told everyone she had syphilis and a nervous breakdown after leaving him at the altar; and she is the target of repeated jokes from the best man and a bet Barry placed where she would be out of the wedding at 9:45 a.m. However, she has the courage to stay the entire wedding and sing "Copacabana" in front of everyone, citing an earlier humiliation she mentioned to Ross when she was unable to do it due to stage fright singing a talent show. ("Pink Dreams")

Season 3 Edit source]

Rachel asks Ross about any sexual fantasies he has. He admits that he likes the Star Wars scene with Princess Leia in a gold bikini that she reenacts for him. ("Fantasies")

Since the two have been in a relationship for quite some time, they act as relationship counselors for Chandler, giving him advice on how to behave in various situations with Janice. ("Sweet Desires")

Rachel has some casual issues over the next few episodes, such as issues with being the peacemaker between Ross and her father. Although they find Rachel's weaknesses an interesting topic at brunch the next day. ("Frenzied Dreams")

On Thanksgiving Day, the friends decide to play soccer while they wait for dinner to finish cooking. Rachel is the last to be picked because she is terrible in sports. Ironically, she's the one who wins the game for the girls. ("Those who play with the ball")

Sometime later she is convinced by Chandler and Joey to quit her waiter job at the Central Perk so that she is free to pursue a career in the fashion industry. Much to her chagrin, she gets a job as a coffee pourer in a clothing store. ("Nibbles")

At the Moondance Diner, Rachel meets Mark from Bloomingdale's, who is helping her get a job in his department. This is the reason for Ross' jealousy, which leads to some problems between him and Rachel. ("Annoying Jealousy")

Rachel has to work on her and Ross' one year anniversary. To make a romantic gesture, Ross brings a picnic to her office, where she puts down the food and candles while desperately trying to sort out a bogus shipment her department received. After Ross accidentally set fire to the flowers on her desk, Rachel throws him out of the office. Ross waits for them at the ladies' apartment where they have a serious argument that ends with Rachel telling Ross to "take a break". Rachel spends the evening alone until Mark calls and insists on coming over with Chinese food to discuss things and be a shoulder to cry on. Meanwhile, at a bar, Chandler persuadesRoss to call Rachel. When he hears Mark's voice on the phone, however, Ross assumes the worst: Rachel is now with Mark. Ross hangs up at Rachel's house and, after getting drunk, spends the night with Chloe, the woman from the copy shop. ("Short circuit")

Rachel feels terrible about how this ended with Ross (by telling Mark she didn't want to take a break) and making up with him in his apartment while Chloe is still there trying to get her clothes together and leave. Things go well for the couple until Gunther tells Rachel about Ross' night with Chloe. The argument she and Ross have in their apartment is the worst ever because the rest of the gang is trapped in Monica's bedroom. They part, crying and sad. ("The Affair")

Rachel and Ross bicker all the time after the breakup, with Ross constantly reminding Rachel that they were "temporarily separated" while Rachel is convinced that Ross cheated on her. The anger they feel is so extreme that Rachel takes everyone but Ross out on a weekend ski trip. However, she is forced to accept his help when Phoebe's car runs out of gas on the way, but does not admit to allowing Ross to join the rest of the friends on the trip. You agree to try to get along for the good of the group. ("Alone and abandoned")

When Ross returns her favorite t-shirt to Rachel (one that used to be owned by Ross), Rachel decides to work on forgiving him. ("Men without a Chance")

Ross insists on taking Rachel to the hospital after she breaks a rib and misses an appearance on a TV show to help her. When Rachel learns of the sacrifice Ross made for her, she tells him it's the cutest thing he's ever done. ("A chicken and a duck")

When Phoebe asks her permission to pair Ross up with Bonnie, she doesn't give her the green light until Phoebe mentions that Bonnie is bald. When Rachel finds out that Bonnie is no longer bald, she gets angry. ("Fighting Games")

Rachel is so jealous that she persuades Bonnie to shave her head so Ross can break up with her. They even kiss, after which she goes upstairs to wait for him. ("Decision on the Beach")

Season 4 Edit source]

Ross enters Rachel's room, surprised to see Rachel apply after-sun lotion to Bonnie's bald, sunburned head. Bonnie goes back into the bedroom and Ross and Rachel resume their interrupted kiss. Beyond that, things don't go any further as Ross insists he has to break up with Bonnie first. He ends his relationship with Bonnie, who takes a cab back home. ("Jellyfish Torment")

Rachel has meanwhile written an 18-page letter for Ross to read before they get back together. Failing to go through the entire letter, Ross wakes up in the morning and tells a worried Rachel that he has read the entire letter twice. He is thrown off track when she asks him, "Does it do that?" He unwittingly agrees that this is what leads Rachel to get back together with him. Ross finds out that he has unwittingly agreed to take full responsibility for everything that went wrong in their relationship. The couple have sex in Rachel's bedroom, but her constant references to the letter make their breakup permanent. When she accuses him of cheating on her with Chloe, Ross explodes and yells, "But we broke up temporarily!" Needless to say, their relationship ends all over again. Rachel does what she can to humiliate and provoke Ross. For example, she forces him to apologize to a cat. ("The reincarnated cat")

Things with Ross culminated in a dating war that Ross begins by dating a single mother, leading to Rachel dating a college student. It takes a sick Monica to reveal the truth about Ross' babysitting "dates" and Rachel's thieving college boyfriend. ("Three is one too many")

Monica and Rachel compete with Joey and Chandler in a "who knows whom better?" Competition sponsored and initiated by Ross. Minutes later, the game turns into real competition. Money is not enough to bet and both teams end up tied. In the end, the girls lose their apartment to Chandler and Joey. ("Everything is relative")

Now she is single and lives in a small, shabby apartment. Things get worse for Rachel when she is demoted to Bloomingdale's personal shopper. Rachel is about to quit until she meets her attractive new client: Joshua Bergin. ("Gray theory")

Their crush comes at a high price, and their boss's niece, Emily, ends up with Ross. ("Dead fish stinks!")

To win Joshua over, Rachel throws a surprise party for Emily, her boss's niece and Ross's new friend. She suggests spinning the bottle as a feeble attempt to kiss Joshua and is frustrated when Joey and Emily keep spinning and land on each other. As she turns the bottle and lands on Joshua, her attempt to kiss him is interrupted when Phoebe first feels the triplets kick. In an attempt to further seduce Joshua, Rachel performs an act of cheerleading only to break a tooth. She cleverly tries to pull her bra out through her sleeve, which doesn't work. Rachel convinces Ross that his relationship with Emily is more than just a friendship. With a bra up her sleeve and a broken tooth, Rachel is devastated when she overhears Joshua thinking it is not the right time for him as he has just been divorced. Soon after, he comes back to kiss her. ("The Club of Rivets")

Things are going well with Joshua until Ross and Emily announce their engagement. ("Swap kiss for apartment")

Her competition with Ross urges her to propose marriage to Joshua after four dates, who recently had an ugly divorce. Finally he separates from Rachel when she accidentally knocks on the door in her wedding dress and says: "I want to!". ("Wildly Determined")

Ross invites Rachel to his wedding in London. She replies to Ross that she can't come, claiming that she can't take time off from work and that someone should stay with Phoebe, who is too advanced in her pregnancy to fly, but she confides in Monica that it is too painful given the story between her and Ross. ("They kissed and they hit each other")

Phoebe asserts her sanity and Rachel realizes that she is still in love with Ross. Determined to share her feelings with Ross, Rachel makes her way to London, leaving a very desperate Phoebe behind. Phoebe calls Joey to warn him that Rachel is coming to ruin Ross' wedding, but Rachel can't bring herself to tell Ross when she sees how happy he is with Emily. All she can say is, "Congratulations." The wedding begins with Rachel sitting among the guests. During the vows, Ross looks at Emily and says "Rachel" instead of "Emily". ("Finally a wedding? - Part 2")

Season 5 Edit source]

Rachel, like everyone else, is surprised that Ross says her name instead of "Emily" and wonders if she should go up, but the wedding continues. Emily angrily slips the ring on Ross' finger and Judy Geller notes that the wedding is "worse than it was when he married the lesbian". Rachel interrupts Monica and Chandler's plans to have sex when she calls Phoebe to discuss their involvement in the events. Rachel is devastated when she hears Ross remark that she is nothing more than a friend to him. In the end, she agrees to accompany him as a friend on his honeymoon. Emily arrives to see them leave together. Noticing what it looks like, Ross chases after his wife, leaving Rachel alone on the plane to Greece. ("Honeymoon with the other")

Rachel is so frustrated with her past decisions in love life that she decides to leave her future decisions to Monica. Monica sets her up with a handsome man, Dave, who visits the Central Perk. When Rachel sees a depressed Ross on the couch, she decides to cancel her date and comfort Ross with the aim of sharing her feelings with him. Despite the warnings from Monica and Joey, she tells him, but she realizes the absurdity of the statement. After laughing hysterically, Ross is initially offended for thinking it was a mean joke, but when she assures him it was a real joke and continues to laugh at himself, Ross begins to see the humor in his own pain and jokes that he has not known his wife's whereabouts since the wedding. Rachel calms down, wanting to be sure that things won't get strange between the two of them now that he's married to Emily. He calms them down and says, "It's always nice to hear someone loves you," and they hug. ("Help the Babies Come")

Emily agrees to come to New York and work on her marriage to Ross, on one condition: that he never see Rachel again. Rachel unwittingly convinces Ross to do so by telling him to do whatever Emily asks him to save the marriage. ("Hard condition")

When she finds out what he's agreed to, she gets mad at him and fears that, like Chandler's old roommate Kip, she will be forced to leave the group because Ross has stronger claims on Monica and Chandler. Rachel upsets Phoebe by saying that she always thought she was the one who had to leave. Rachel persuades Phoebe to start a new group and Phoebe wants Joey to come too. ("Finally alone!")

Rachel tells Ross that she doesn't feel better because she still can't see him. When he sees her one last time and tells Emily on the phone about her presence in the room, Emily is furious, but says that everything will be better if she comes and can always know where he is. Ross is overwhelmed by this remark and tells Emily that if they are to stay married, she must show him some trust. When she realizes that she can't trust him, they decide to get a divorce. ("A Yeti in the Basement")

Rachel meets up with a new neighbor named Danny, where she's been playing with hard bandages. She finds it disturbing that he and his sister are close to the limit of incest and therefore drops him. ("Fireball")

Rachel decides her New Year's resolutions are not for gossip, but she is pushed to the limit when she learns of Chandler and Monica's secret relationship. She decides to face it. After hearing Monica tell Chandler how hard it is to lie to her, she reconsiders. ("The good intentions")

She helps Joey pick up his clothes and finds a man's handbag for him. Her fashion tips to help him get an audition are the reason he doesn't get the role because he has a hard time giving up the bag as the director asked for. ("The best massage in the world")

Phoebe and Rachel look over the apartment across the street that Ross hopes to sublet from the Ugly Naked Guy. Phoebe tries to get Monica and Chandler's attention across the street and is horrified to see them kiss and tear each other's clothes off. They conspire to make life difficult for them in various ways, to mess with them for keeping secrets - much to the chagrin of Joey, who is tired of keeping the secret himself. When Monica says she's going to do the laundry (when she really sneaks off to be with Chandler), Rachel gives her a huge bag of dirty laundry to throw in. Phoebe beats Chandler until he can no longer keep up with the ruse and admits that he loves Monica. They still don't want Ross to find out, but due to their unfortunate habit of never closing the curtains, he finds out while showing his boss from the museum that he's getting his life back on track. ("The Collective Secret")

Rachel goes to a furniture store with Ross to help him choose a new couch for his apartment. She is upset and embarrassed when Ross, upset when an employee suggests Rachel is way outside of Ross' league, tells the employee that they have had sex 298 times when they have been together. She and Chandler attempt to help move the couch to Ross' apartment, though unsuccessful and the couch ends up being sawed in half. ("Undercover investigation")

Rachel gets an interview with Ralph Lauren, but accidentally kisses the other person. In a second conversation she rejects him by misinterpreting a gesture he is making as a sexual innuendo. In the end, he hires her. Rachel creates further embarrassment when she shakes hands with her new boss only to accidentally grab his crotch. ("Workplace Harassment")

Rachel tries to smoke to match her new colleague and boss, Kim. You leave her out anyway and she stops smoking. ("Smoking heads")

To prove she's gotten over Ross, Rachel sets him up on a date because he tries and fails to flirt with the pizza delivery woman. ("The flirting world champion")

She's the one who hears Emily's message to Ross about getting things going again, and she convinces Ross to forget his ex-wife because of the pain she caused him. ("The auxiliary policemen")

When everyone but Ross and Rachel leave for Vegas, Rachel walks around the apartment naked and accidentally attracts Ross' attention. When he sees her naked, he assumes she wants to have sex with him, a fact she denies when he comes over. This is what causes a continuous series of pranks that they play on each other. This leads to them getting married drunk in Vegas, waking up in bed together, and having their faces painted with marker pen. ("Luck in Las Vegas - Part 2")

Season 6 Edit source]

Rachel agrees to a cancellation, leaving Ross to take care of the details. Ross doesn't want another divorce and can't get it canceled, so he stays married to Rachel until she finds out. ("Prof. Dr. Geller")

Rachel takes care of the forms, albeit in an extravagant way that makes Ross look like a gay heroin addict. They argue, and Ross' revelations about their history as a couple cause the judge to decide they are not eligible for annulment and must instead get a divorce. When signing the papers brought by a still angry horse, Rachel admits that this divorce is actually her fault, as she was the one who suggested the marriage while drunk. Ross and Rachel admit that if they ever really got married, this would be their last. ("The dream of the Porsche")

Rachel faces another harsh reality: Chandler moves in with Monica. It turns out that Chandler and Monica want to live alone.Rachel understands her and is still happy for her, but it hurts Monica's feelings because she expected Rachel to be sad. As it later turns out, Rachel didn't take the news seriously because they nearly got married in Vegas and since they didn't, she doesn't think they would either. Rachel eventually accepts the reality of not having Monica as a roommate and makes arrangements to live with Ross until she learns they are still married. ("The last evening")

Rachel moves in with Phoebe and furnishes her apartment with Pottery Barn products, much to Phoebe's initial dismay and later also to her delight. Her stay is interrupted by a fire in the apartment and she moves in with Monica and Chandler, then with Joey, until her apartment is repaired. ("Loud blah")

Rachel is referred to as a slacker this season, which leads Phoebe to prefer her as a lesbian date to the high-maintenance Monica. ("The Playboy Joke")

Rachel's youngest sister, Jill Greene, pays Rachel a visit and makes an appointment with Ross, much to Rachel's chagrin. Ross is aware that if something happens between him and Jill, nothing can happen between him and Rachel in the future, so he prevents anything from happening to Jill. Not only is this key to Rachel Ross's forgiveness, but also the cue for Chandler to cry. ("Real men don't cry")

Rachel begins a relationship with Paul Stevens, the father of Ross' friend Elizabeth. Despite the fact that Ross is uncomfortable at the thought of his ex-wife / love of his life going out with his current girlfriend's father, Rachel remains in a relationship with Paul until she leaves him because of his incessant crying. Chandler wants to propose to Monica and when Phoebe goes into her apartment while Chandler was looking at ring brochures, he decided to tell Phoebe about his plan and keep it a secret from the group.