What if you die in Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Skyrim strange dying of my character (only software problem)


there could be a savegame error here.

Now I wanted to play the Dipl. Embassy Mission again but somehow everything is very, very strange here.

To test whether everything works in the later missions, I still had this old savegame.

The strange thing now (I've read all the info about the mission):

The point now is that I try to escape with the key to the door in the floor.

However, I only find the keys to the dungeon twice with the guards.

In the walkthroughs (as I think I have experienced in the last few days) you enter the basement. Then a security guard (also with me) walks past the cells and kills him. But this one has no key.

Immediately afterwards, more guards (2 and a magician) storm into the room or are on the upper floor. And one of these guards now has the key.

The problem here now, NO guards are coming. I have now searched everything thoroughly. Even with a restart (reload) the mission happens self-bending.

Somehow the game seems to be screwed up.

Strange (new) things now:

The first time I hit an enemy, I die straight away. It doesn't matter whether it's a bite from an animal or a blow from a sword.

Is it possible that someone will give me a savegame right AFTER the embassy mission? So that I can compare whether the error persists? Would be infinitely grateful.