Is AdultFriendFinder Legit or a Scam

Test report:

The online portal Gleichklang describes itself as an alternative to the dating mainstream. Consonance is open to all legitimate sexual orientations and beliefs. The membership base consists of ecologically and socially oriented people who seek justice and humanity. The offer and also the members of Gleichklang follow the so-called “rainbow principle”, which means that people with different needs and characteristics are supported in finding a partner.

The alternative platform currently offers around 16,500 current members. Our experience shows that such specialized sites have their weaknesses.

There are about two women for every man. Due to the special orientation, the gender ratio is very atypical compared to other dating portals.

More than 60 percent of the Gleichklang members are vegetarians or vegans or would like to be vegan / vegetarian in the future.

Around 20 percent of the members are looking for a same-sex partner, and around 80 percent are looking for a partner of the opposite sex. Nevertheless, the portal is open to all sexual inclinations and types of relationships.


After registration, a personality test and its evaluation will take place. After a membership has been concluded, an elaborate matching algorithm works in the background to find suitable suggestions for your own search. Due to the complex system, this analysis can take a few hours, as more than 50 criteria are taken into account.

In order to further reduce the subsequent number of suggestions and thus improve the result, a new selection process is often carried out. However, it is not possible to browse the members of Gleichklang.

The portal dispenses with such possibilities in order to avoid short-term fun or a little variety, but deliberately to offer long-term chances of success. Experience shows that this is not necessarily the best way, as the user is not actively involved in finding a partner.

From time to time new partner, travel or friendship suggestions are offered. Here, however, it is not a question of the highest possible number, but of accuracy of fit. The number depends roughly on the personal search criteria, as these can be more explicit and detailed or more open.

If a member wants to communicate, messages are sent anonymously using a cipher system.

Free functions and paid services

Registration at is always free of charge, but users only have access to a personality test afterwards.

All other functions and general use of the dating portal are chargeable. This is especially positive for the success rate. With a paid membership, your own intentions are more serious than if you had just completed a quick registration with a comparable portal. Although fees are charged for using the platform, these are staggered in a socially acceptable manner.

Prices for premium memberships:

Standard offer:

Duration: 1 year

Cost: € 89

Extension: € 89 for one year

Two-year special offer:

Duration: 2 years

Cost: € 139

Extension: 69 € for one year

Special offer "Until Success":

Duration: 3 years

Cost: 169 €

Extension: € 39 for one year

Social tariff:

Duration: 1 year

Cost: € 62

Extension: € 62 for one year

This tariff can be chosen if a user would actually not be able to afford membership in the event of consistency) In general, Gleichklang ensures strong fairness and even offers an annual rate of only € 6 in very special emergencies, which can be paid individually by e-mail. Mail must be requested.

Cancellation is possible at any time, even up to the last day before membership is extended by one year.

In addition to regular member suggestions and communication via the cipher system, Gleichklang also offers free additional services:

  • graphic personality questionnaire evaluation that is immediately available
  • Relationship models
  • free email service
  • Classified ads portal
  • Info portal on the subject of a vegan lifestyle
  • Info portal on general vegetarianism