The music industry is getting worse and worse

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Pop music keeps getting worse! We know this accusation. But is it really that bad? In the lecture hall, the composer and musicologist Hartmut Fladt analyzes what makes successful pop music. Among other things: simplicity and repetition. And that's not new, it's always been like that.

Song contests and singer-songwriters already existed in ancient Greece. Musicologist and composer Hartmut Fladt believes that pop works according to simple patterns and repeats itself continuously is neither new nor reprehensible.

Pop music needs clichés and repetition

The old in the guise of the new is one of the most important recipes for success in all arts, he explains in his lecture "Genius Gender Habit - Success in Pop Music".

"Any art, including any pop product, that only consisted of elements that are completely new would overwhelm us and ultimately bore us."
Hartmut Fladt, musicologist

With a lot of knowledge and humor and using numerous examples - canned but also live on the piano - he analyzes what makes good and bad pop and what makes it successful. He takes us on an acoustic journey through the centuries back to antiquity. Although he doesn't really like to speak of 'bad' pop - with Proust he pleads: "Despises bad music, but doesn't despise it!"

"In order to be understood at all, music needs clichés."
Hartmut Fladt, musicologist

In his lecture, Fladt not only analyzes pop music, but also looks at those who make it: one focus of his lecture is on the role of women in pop music.

Lack of equality in pop and art

Historically they always played a role, in the past they were even more recognized as musicians than they are today, as the music industry is very male-dominated. Then suddenly they were marginalized, says Fladt: women painters and composers were continuously removed from the lexicons of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

The lecture was recorded on May 22, 2018 as part of the "Berlin.Pop.Women" series as part of the special exhibition "Oh Yeah! Pop Music in Germany", which runs until September 15, 2018 in the Museum for Communication in Berlin.

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