How was sex on your wedding night

10 reasons why couples don't have sex on their wedding night

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2. Migraines, the classic

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It doesn't matter whether one of them really has migraines, or whether they are just too tired and don't want to hurt their partner - migraines are probably one of the most common reasons why a hot night falls into the water. If you are prone to headaches, you should therefore take preventive measures: drink enough water and always carry pain pills with you. And by the way, shouldsex yes help against headaches ...

3. Looked too deep into the glass

First and foremost, why Married couples in the wedding-nightno sex excessive alcohol consumption. If both or one of the partners gets drunk and partying excessively, they will most likely wonder how they got into bed in the honeymoonsuit in the first place. Caution: the first marital dispute is inevitable! Do not forget: the wedding feast is the celebration of your mutual love and should not be used as an occasion for drinking orgies. So drink little alcohol and have fun too. On this evening your partner is your only focus!

4. HE fell asleep

Imagine the bride disappears briefly in the bathroom to surprise her groom with romantic wedding lingerie. So first get out of the brilliant wedding dress and into a breath of nothing. This can take a while. And meanwhile HE fell asleep by the bed a long time ago. Wake? Why should it? After all, this is the ultimate pleasure killer.

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5. Celebrated

The lavish wedding party just never ends? And the bride and groom don't want to say goodbye in front of the wedding guests? Well, then it can be an open end party that only lets the newlyweds go to bed in the late morning hours. And then very few couples are still fit for bedroom acrobatics.

6. Quarrel on the wedding day

Yes, there is too! When stress and hopscotch get out of hand, the bride can quickly become a bridezilla. And that will definitely lead to arguments. Or the groom behaves inappropriately at his own wedding party and does a good job over the austerities. Well, even then women can get really mad. And on the wedding night there is definitely nothing going on.

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7. One goes to bed earlier

The wedding guests are still busy partying in the early hours of the morning and one of the bride and groom already wants to go to bed urgently? Be it because of extreme tiredness or physical exhaustion, if either of you goes to bed earlier, your partner should join in - after all, it's your day together! Say goodbye to the wedding guests and enjoy the remaining hours together.

8. Havoc in the honeymoonsuit

Finally arrived in the honeymoon suit and then the bridal couple can expect pure chaos in the bedroom? This is due to the wedding tradition, which makes it almost impossible for the bride and groom to go to bed. Balloons, streamers and the like must be removed first. No wonder that there is no romance. It is better to discuss this wedding tradition with your friends and family in advance so that you can really enjoy and relax in the honeymoonsuit.

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9. No honeymoon suit

And then there would be the fact that newlyweds have not booked a honeymoonsuit at all and simply go home if they said YES in their hometown. Absolute no go! Everyday life returns at home and the next morning you have to make breakfast yourself. Treat yourself to a romantic room in your hometown after the wedding celebration.

10. Children in the room

If common and small children are brought into the marriage, they may want to sleep in their parents' room and that evening suddenly the grandmother is not enough. Lust killer? Clearly! But what do you not do for your loved ones?

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