Can you grow a packaged car


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Knead the vehicle

After thorough hand washing, it is advisable to knead the car. You can tell by feeling small bumps on the paint. The rust film remover can already have done a lot. However, he does not create some particles straight away. This is then the job of a car dough, it has nothing to do with dough that children play with. Children's clay is not at all suitable for this!


Hand wash

Knead <



To grow

What did I use? - Product checklist:

  • Bilt Hamber auto-clay (soft)
  • AmbiClean special lubricant

You can get 4-5 parts out of here

Knead the car

The special auto putty, in my case a white soft one auto clay by Bilt Hamber can also remove insect residues or tree resins without having to work with other chemical agents. However, it always depends on how long the dirt has been on the paint. In any case, you usually get a very smooth, pore-deep, clean paint. Exactly the right thing for the subsequent wax treatment.

handy piece

I use a lubricant Special lubricant from AmbiClean. Because with a shampoo-water mixture, the putty may decompose. Of course it depends on the car shampoo used. With the AmbiClean lubricant, the clay glides wonderfully over the paintwork and smells pleasantly fruity.

According to the manufacturer Bilt Hamber, you could also just use water. The white dough is for a paint that is in good condition. It can also be used at colder temperatures. If the vehicle is already waxed and you find dirt, you can also use it. Since it is very mild, little or no of the existing sealants are removed. The whole vehicle does not necessarily have to be kneaded. It makes sense, of course, and it can't hurt. If you carefully run your fingers over the varnish you will notice where you should knead.

Always use enough lubricant!


First you separate a small, handy piece of the block out of the can. There is so much in the can that you get a total of 4-5 handy parts. Then you wet your hands and the piece of modeling clay with water. The same applies to the paint to be processed. It is best to hold the plasticine in one hand and the spray bottle in the other. You let the putty slide over the paint like a puck of ice without pressure. Never over the dry paint! If you then notice that the putty has picked up dirt particles, you fold a fresh new piece. So you can keep working your way until you are finally finished.

Dough has picked up dirt particles

Then shower or wash the car again with a good microfiber cloth. Finally, put the piece of modeling clay back in the can or in an airtight bag. Finished!

Note: If the dough falls on the floor, the used piece unfortunately has to be removed and a fresh new one opened. The same applies if you can no longer find a clean spot!