Where can I buy real solid matches

Matchstick box Matches cream-white head, 403 pieces, metal box, small, approx. L18xW12xH7 cm, black


Color metal box: black
Material metal box: Tinplate (100% recyclable)
Dimensions (outside) metal box: approx L18cm x W12cm x H7cm
Dimensions (inside) metal box: approx L17cm x W11cm x H6.5cm
Recess for magnetic card in the lid
non-slip rubber studs on the floor
Tissue paper in each box
food safe ✓ (by coating inside)
Dishwasher safe

Magnetic card motif: Matchstick surface
Function: for igniting matches
Material (front): Matchstick rubbing surface
Material (back): Magnetic foil
Dimensions: approx W10.4 x H6.4 cm
Adhesion to all metallic / magnetic surfaces
can be cut to size

Filling: approx. 400 long matches (length approx. 10 cm) with a cream-white head

Converter by Infinity Boxes stands for high quality metal boxes with individual magnetic motifs that can be easily exchanged.
For versatile storage or as a gift. - Sustainability in its most beautiful form!

Matchbox Consists of a small converter box, black with a magnetic friction surface on the lid.
The themed box is filled with approx. 400 matches with cream-white heads (4 bundles of matches of approx. 100 pieces).
The metal box is perfect for storing matches.
This matchbox is an original oneGift in the barbecue season, in the Christmas season, for the cigar consultant, for the open fire and for everyone who loves candles.

Rectangular metal box with a recess in the lid for individual, exchangeable magnetic cards.
A noble banderole made of natural paper is folded around the box, which explains our infinity principle to you: space for magnetic cards!
Tissue paper is enclosed with each box so that gifts can be protected and wrapped in a stylish way.
Round, non-slip knobs are attached to the floor under each box, making the box stackable and preventing scratches on sensitive surfaces.

The magnetic card also sticks to any other metallic / magnetic surface (e.g. magnetic board, whiteboard, refrigerator, etc.)
All of Wandler's motifs are printed on high-quality natural paper and later laminated on magnetic foil.


With the right magnetic cards for every occasion, you can put together your box according to your wishes.
For permanent storage of your boxes, you can label them with the separately available board labels.


Timelessly beautiful and ecologically sound. The metal boxes are made from 100% recyclable tinplate.
They can be used again and again, given a patina and one day in the future they will be completely recyclable.
If the friction surface of the matchbox is used up, it can be reordered here. Sustainability in its most beautiful form!


The inside of the boxes is coated with a food-safe protective varnish.
Chocolates, biscuits etc. can be stored without hesitation.