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Ariana Grande perfume: From child star to the top of the music charts: US singer Ariana Grande has already achieved in her young career what many dream of for a lifetime. Now she wants to celebrate further successes in the world of cosmetics and fragrances. Her first own fragrance, the Ariana Grande Ari Parfum, is a small masterpiece. It inspires with a surprising combination of freshness and sweetness, which offers an exciting new fragrance experience. Suitable for everyday use and at the same time also suitable for the evening, Ari by Ariana Grande is an Eau de Parfum that contains as much power as the singer herself exudes.

Ari Parfum by Ariana Grande - fruits, flowers and a secret ingredient

The fragrance came onto the market in autumn 2015 as the artist's first perfume. Ari by Ariana Grande embodies all the characteristics of the American with Italian roots, who also transport her music: sensual, sweet and youthfully feminine.

  • Top note: pear, raspberry, pink grapefruit
  • Heart note: lily of the valley, rose bud, vanilla orchid
  • Base note: light woods, musk, marshmallow

Fruity freshness creates the top note, in which pear, grapefruit and raspberry are combined. The heart note surprises with a floral combination. Here, lilies of the valley, roses and vanilla orchids exude their intense scent. Finally, the base note provides a sensual touch in the Ariana Grande Ari Parfum. Musk and fine woods bring warmth to the fragrance. The third component of the base note is as unusual as it is refined. The singer adds a touch of marshmallow to her perfume in this note. Sweet and unobtrusive, this note gives the fragrance the perfect twist. Let yourself be enchanted by this fragrance creation and feel like a real star with Ari by Ariana Grande.

The Ari Parfum by Ariana Grande: The fragrance for fans

With over 40 million records sold, the singer is the voice of a young generation of girls. Ari by Ariana Grande speaks precisely to her audience. Sweet, cheeky and youthful, her first perfume fits perfectly with the singer's image. The woods of the base note, however, give Ari an adult touch. So this fragrance suits every woman who is strong and maybe a little cheeky, but also sweet and lovely.

An advertisement like an homage

In the large-scale advertising campaign, Ariana Grande shows herself as a strong young woman, in the transition from girl to lady. In a pale pink dress, with a pearl necklace and dark sunglasses, singing in the back seat of a New York taxi, she whets the appetite for the Ariana Grande Ari perfume. In a second commercial, the young singer in a vintage dress is on roller skates. According to her own statements, her two greatest styling role models are the legendary icons Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. The style of their campaign should remind of these special women.

A touch of Hollywood with the bottle from Ari by Ariana Grande

The bottle that goes with it is as girlish and glamorous as the fragrance itself. It's round but not smooth. Many fine edges are reminiscent of the surface of a sparkling diamond. The clasp is made of rose gold and has the name Ariana engraved on it. The side-mounted, white tassel made of delicate faux fur makes the bottle an absolute eye-catcher. It exudes the flair of old perfume bottles on the dressing tables in old Hollywood. One could easily imagine the bottle of Ariana Grande Ari on the dressing table of a film diva.

Ariana Grande Ari Parfum - The talented noses behind the fragrance

Both Ari and all other fragrances of the singer were created in collaboration with the prestigious brand Luxe Brands from the USA and the British perfume manufacturer Designer Parfums, which specialize primarily in celebrity fragrances. Many celebrities rely entirely on the experts from this house for their fragrance creations. Ariana Grande herself was involved in all production steps. She wanted to ensure that all facets of Ari by Ariana Grande meet her own high standards and authentically underline her personality. The result is a fragrance that 100% reflects the artist.

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Celebrity fragrances are still in demand. Ariana Grande meets the taste of the times with her collection of perfumes. With her first own perfume, however, a dream came true for herself, because she is considered a collector of fragrances and has a large selection of them in the bathroom at home. In addition to her debut fragrance Ariana Grande Ari, two other perfumes also delight fans around the world: Sweet Like Candy and Moonlight.

Both are creations for every woman and every occasion. While Sweet Like Candy inspires with bergamot, cashmere wood and crème de cassis, Moonlight convinces with the fruity note of currant, flowery peony and soft nuances of amber.