What is the meaning of the Gayatri mantra

Gayatri Mantra: Text and Origin

At least since Deva Premal, the Gayatri-Manta has been on everyone's lips. What does it actually mean? Text, translation and origin of the popular mantra.

Gayatri Mantra - mother of the Vedas

The Gayatri mantra is a universal prayer recorded in the Vedas, the oldest sacred writings of mankind. (Rg Veda III 62.10). It is considered the essence of the Vedic teachings called Veda sara and is also known as the 'mother of the Vedas'.

The Gayatri mantra was discovered by the Vedic seer Vishvamitra and applies directly to our spiritual solar energy, which is called Surya in Indian.


The Gayatri mantra and its meaning

The name Gayatri does not appear in the text of the mantra itself. It refers to a trinity of 3 deities:

Gayatri is the master of the senses,
Savitri is the master of life force (Prana) and stands for truth,
Sarasvati is the master of speech (vak).

All three together thus embody purity in thoughts, words and deeds (trikarana sudhi)

"Someone who practices purity and harmony of thought, word and deed, Gayatri, Savitri and Sarasvati have taken up residence in him."

The Gayatri mantra addresses the immanent and transcendent divine in man and connects us with this inner aspect, which is also called SAVITA: "that from which all this was born."


Gayatri mantra: text and translation

So let's look at the text of this beautiful mantra:

Om - parabrahman - the absolute, eternal source
BHUR - bhuvarloka - physical plane (panchabhutas - 5 elements)
BHUVAH - pranashakti - the astral, middle world
SVAHA - svarloka - the causal heaven
DID - paramatman - God Brahman
SAVITUR - that from which all this is born
VARENYAM - adorable
BHARGO - Radiation-Wisdom-Light
DEVASYA - shining, shining, divine reality
DHIMAHI - we meditate
DHIYO - buddhi - pure discernment
YONAH - which ours
PRACHODAYT - enlighten, guide.

According to this literal translation, different interpretations of the Gayatri mantra exist. A common translation from the Geetha Vahini is:

Om - We meditate on the splendor and radiance of the Adorable Supreme Divine Reality, the source of all being, the physical, astral and causal plane. May the Supreme Divine Being illuminate our minds and awaken our discernment so that we may experience the absolute truth.


The effect of the Gayatri mantra

In the past, brahmins only prayed this mantra, today it is accessible to all and is seen as a key to the universal source that can open the door to cosmic consciousness.

The mantra is the invocation of the Devi in ​​the form of divine light, our inner sun, the absolute Brahman. With regular recitation, it removes deception and purifies our thoughts and feelings. It energizes us with Prana and gives us a long life in health, purity and wisdom and awakens us to the universal consciousness of enlightenment and to the realization of the non-dual, absolute and all-encompassing unity of consciousness.

The universe is filled with this divine energy - may many people sing, pray and recite the Gayatri mantras in order to experience and internalize the source of light in themselves and thus make a contribution to the healing of all beings on our earth.

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