Taehyung has straight abs

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Warning: Smut! If you feel uncomfortable with this, please skip the chapter! :) <3

It all started with him.

Somehow the two men managed to get away from the house wall and reach the fragile steps to Jungkook's roofless home. Taehyung bites his lower lip lightly as he buries his nose in Jungkook's neck and smells his masculine scent, which smells of wood and smoke.

Taehyung only loosens his legs from Jungkook's waist when he feels something soft touch his back.

A mattress.

It wasn't there last time. The rather large mattress lies on some wooden flat pallets so that the mattress is a little higher and there is no direct contact with the floor. Taehyung wonders when he set it up. The young prince sits up and supports himself on his elbows. He can see straight into the night sky, which is clear and still. The moon stands in the middle and is reflected in his brown eyes as if they were a clear lake.

The shining moon is replaced with Jungkook's face. The curly hair crouches down in front of Taehyung and tilts his head to one side before looking at him. Taehyung slides closer to him, it seems as if he has lost all the inhibitions he had before. When Jungkook puts his hand on his cheek, Taehyung can't help but surrender to his touch and accept the tingling sensation on his skin.

You don't talk. The delicate touch and the intense looks speak for themselves. Jungkook isn't a man of big words anyway, as Taehyung has learned and respected over time.

Taehyung doesn't know where this new need, this greed for him, comes from. No question about it, despite its questionable nature, he always found the curly hair attractive. But right now, he just wants him as close as possible to him.

Jungkook doesn't seem to be doing otherwise, because he rests his hands next to Taehyung's body and leans forward to engage the two in a slow but intense kiss. There are no fireworks, as it is described in several books and films. It's a lot more than that.

Taehyung cannot describe it, but he has never had the feeling he is feeling towards Jungkook. When he became a little more confident, he bites Jungkook's lower lip, whereupon the older man puts his hand on his hip and pulls up the fabric of Taehyung's top.

Taehyung is warm. Too warm. The clothing sticks to him unnecessarily, which is why, when Jungkook takes off his top and thereby presents his defined upper body, he also takes off his shirt. His hand slides from Jungkook's collarbones to his hard chest to the roots of his abdominal muscles. Taehyung's fingertips wander over Jungkook's upper body as if they were the paintbrush and his skin the canvas.

It leaves its bright colors on Jungkook's body. Finally it all started with him.

The curly head lifts Taehyung onto his lap and looks into his eyes as he opens the button of his pants and pulls down both Taehyung's pants and boxers. Goosebumps form on his body when the light breeze hits his now bare body and it bathes in the rays of the moon.

Jungkook does not avert his gaze from the aesthetic being. Not even when he pressed his index and middle fingers lightly against Taehyung's forked lips. The young prince looks at him before putting his fingers in his mouth and wandering his tongue around them. Jungkook's gaze grows darker and his body grows impatient. How can Taehyung get such a strong reaction out of him when he is usually so controlled and collected? He doesn’t miss how his pants are slowly getting tight and he pokes his tongue against his cheek.