Are eggs actually baby chickens


A chicken living in the wild has laid an egg

The egg is a material that does not belong to food because it cannot be eaten. But you can prepare food from it.

Extraction [edit]

Cattle breeding

A chicken lays a single egg every five to ten minutes. Therefore, every now and then you can find them just lying around in the world.

With a funnel and chickens caught over it, you can easily automate the extraction of eggs.

Occurrence [edit]

Eggs can be found in village chests.

Technology [edit]

Use [edit]

Thrown egg

The egg is an item in the inventory. As soon as it is thrown, it becomes a moving object. It bursts on landing.

An egg can be thrown up to 53 blocks and 32 blocks high. Each serve has a probability of 18 (12.5%) to spawn a chick with a “pop” sound. Furthermore, each time a chick spawns there is a probability of 132 (3.125%) that four chicks spawn instead of just one. The overall probability for the latter event is therefore 1256 (0.39%). The egg is destroyed on impact.

Hits with eggs do no damage, although a creature hit will flash red for a moment upon impact, as does damage taken. It is simply pushed back. A hit with an egg makes neutral creatures aggressive because they count it as an attack. If you throw an egg onto a painting or a frame, these are dismantled, or the content of a frame is dropped.

Eggs can be thrown by throwers.

Processing [edit]

NBT data [edit]

  • Thrown egg has the object ID "egg"
  • Thrown ender pearl has the object ID "ender_pearl"
  • Thrown experience bottle has the object ID "experience_bottle"
  • Thrown snowball has the object ID "snowball"
    • General object properties
    • inGround: 1 or 0 (true / false) - is set to true as soon as the story hits a floor or a wall.
    • Owner: The UUID of the player who threw the projectile. If a monster is hit, it is aggressive towards the thrower. In the case of the Ender Pearl, this value also determines which player is teleported.
    • shake: 1 or 0 (true / false) - is set to true as long as the shaking animation runs when hitting a block.
    • xTile: X coordinate of the block if the bullet is in it, otherwise -1.
    • yTile: Y-coordinate of the block if the bullet is in it, otherwise -1.
    • in part: Z coordinate of the block if the bullet is in it, otherwise -1.

Achievements [edit]

symbolsuccessdescriptiontaskPointsCup (PS)
The lieBake a cake: wheat, sugar, milk and eggs.Place the ingredients listed on the workbench according to the recipe and pick up the cake.30Gbronze


  • Eggs were made throwable at the request of a Minecraft fan. This fan offered Notch that if he made eggs throwable in Minecraft, he would send him a video eating a USB stick. Since they were then really made throwable, this Minecraft fan allegedly actually ate the USB stick, recorded it and sent it to Notch.[1]

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History [edit]

Version history of the Java Edition
  • The player can throw eggs, there is a chance of 18 (12.5%) that a chicken is spawned
  • The position of the thrown egg is not saved when exiting the game
Beta 1.2
  • Added cake, which requires eggs to make
Full version 1.0(1.0-rc1)
  • Thrown eggs cause chicks to spawn in place of adult chickens
Full version 1.4(12w37a)
  • Added pumpkin pie, which requires eggs to make
Full version 1.8.2(1.8.2-pre7)
  • The position of the thrown egg is saved when you leave the game, it is given the object ID "ThrownEgg"
Full version 1.11(16w32a)
  • The object ID is changed from "ThrownEgg" to "egg"