Which is the best augmented reality industry

Areas of application of augmented reality

Augmented Reality in the future - what is possible?

Miniaturization and general technical progress in the IT sector will ensure that augmented reality is increasingly finding its way into everyday life. AR will play an important role in the private sector as well as in industrial and business applications.


The creativity of developers and companies is often required here. Corresponding scenarios in which AR can be used must be identified. There is a wide range of possible uses, primarily in advertising, retail, but also in industry and craft. With the help of AR, construction plans and simulations can be displayed directly on site. This ranges from the virtual completion of construction sections to precise construction instructions for the manufacture of individual components. Models in 3D can be created in the industrial production of goods or in the planning phase. In architecture, this has the potential to significantly reduce the cost of design and reduce development time.

There are also numerous scenarios for advertising. With AR, the customer is given the direct opportunity to interact. This involves the potential buyer and creates some kind of emotional connection. The customer can actually inspect goods before buying them and see them later in the intended use. Furniture and clothing are just two of many possible examples here. Even large things like a swimming pool or a fireplace can be simulated right in the buyer's home. For companies, this has the advantage that such realistic presentations can take place without any effort or expense of their own. This means massive competitive advantages over competitors whose marketing is still based on classic structures.