Have you ever chased someone

Translation of "did you ever" in spanish

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Alguna vez has ¿Alguna vez


When have you ever done something against my will and disrupted an investigation?
And, have you ever prosecuting a serial killer?
Pandorum, have you ever experienced the symptoms?
And have you ever... done something?
Peter, have you ever heard of mutual safe annihilation?
Peter, ¿Has oído del Seguro de Destrucción Mutuo?
have you ever heard of such a thing in your whole life?
En toda tu vida, ¿Has oído hablar de algo así?
OK, have you ever Wanted something but did you know you'll never get it?
¿Alguna vez has querido algo tanto, pero sabías que jamás ibas a conseguirlo?
Stan, uh, have you ever seen something that, um, wasn't there?
Have you ever fired a gun?
Have you ever met a Vulcan?
What have you ever done for anyone?
Chris, have you ever eaten what?
Correct, have you ever seen his necronomicon?
Frank, have you ever applied for a loan?
So have you ever seen the girls' locker room?
When have you ever stood in line?
Hey have you ever seen a rodeo?
My son, have you ever met one?
Fishing rod, have you ever Met Deb's friend, Rudy Cooper?
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