Which country has the lowest working hours

Working hours worldwide: which countries work the most each year

In which countries did people toil the most at the end of the year? The OECD has listed the countries with the most hours worked per employee in a year.

Mexico, South Korea and Greece at the top

With 2,246 hours a year, a Mexican has the highest number of hours on his bill. It also means that the average Mexican works more than 40 hours a week. In total, that is 875 hours more than the German average.

Although the government of South Korea is making efforts to cut working hours in the country, the Asian country is in second place. In South Korea people work an average of 2,113 hours a year. Greece ranks third with 2,042 working hours per employee. This means that the country that is still recovering from the financial crisis is the only one belonging to Europe among the top seven most working countries.

An average German worker has almost 1,000 hours less than a Mexican on the time sheet

In Germany it looks relatively relaxed compared to the Mexican average of over 40 hours per week. Of course, working conditions and salaries in Mexico are not what they are in this country. But was such an extreme difference in working hours to be expected?

Germany brings up the rear in the survey. With 1,371 hours worked per person per year, an average German toil the least compared to the other 14 countries.

Source: Forbes

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