How to cook Jimmy Dean sausage

What kind of sausage could I use as a substitute for Cumberland sausage?

If you read the Wikipedia article, you'll find that the main flavor is pepper, both black and white, and that the meat is coarser than some other sausages.

Since this is a casserole where the flavors have time to come together, I recommend eating sausages without herbs (which should be simple enough). They'd have a coarser texture if possible, but that probably isn't on the label - you may have to make choices based on what you know. Then add plenty of pepper to the sauce at the beginning of the cooking process. I remember the taste of white pepper coming through, but I use black pepper pretty heavily so maybe I'm used to it.

The other spices (and herbs, although they shouldn't be dominant) vary. This recipe contains sage, which other sources (and I) say is wrong, but nutmeg, mace, and cilantro all add to the classic flavor. While I didn't make it, the recipe I linked should give an idea of ​​how much seasoning meat is, assuming your sausages are pretty bland to start with.

Edit: I should have been clearer that I mean links. Sausage patties are actually not a thing here in the UK. I've seen her twice. Once was McDonald's, the other might be good but I can't remember.


The varieties vary by region, but the typical "country" ring sausage generally fits that bill - the flavors mostly fit the recipe, and while they vary from brand to brand, they also have a coarser texture than something like Kielbasa . Most supermarkets stick with the hot and sweet Italian varieties.