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5 qualities you need as a financial advisor - and which financial advisors already have ...


5 qualities you need as a financial advisor - and which financial advisors already have ...

by Justyna Dragon, MLP consultant in Dortmund

In order to be able to score fully as a financial advisor, it is advisable not only to be really technically fit. Justyna introduces five other properties that are particularly important when advising customers.

Don't worry: this won't be gender bashing! Guys are just as good financial advisers as girls. However, we ladies have some qualities that I believe are particularly important when advising customers. So be careful, colleagues, so that you don't lose touch here. In return, I would be interested in which boys' skills you benefit most as a financial advisor!


Empathy means nothing other than being able to put yourself in the shoes of another person, adopting their point of view and understanding their position and situation. You absolutely need this quality as a consultant. This is the only way to create beneficial customer relationships that are long-term. Empathetic counselors are charismatic. Empathy creates sympathy. It takes openness and impartiality in order to be able to show understanding for the other person. In my opinion, empathy should not be confused with sensitive or mimosa-like sensitivity. This is also about being able to set yourself apart emotionally and to maintain the necessary distance with empathy. Otherwise you will quickly become stressed or emotionally overwhelmed.


Many women in counseling have the special talent to recognize nuances in counseling interviews and to quickly establish a trusting relationship with the client. The ability to incorporate different opinions also helps us here. This is also incredibly important when working with fellow consultants, for example when it comes to planning activities at the location or initiating cooperation. Including different opinions naturally also helps when advising customers. I often advise students together with their parents because it is important to me that decisions are made transparently and implicitly. Often very different opinions collide, which I moderate as a moderator. I make sure the desires come out from behind the opinions so that the financial solution can fit. The same applies to counseling couples who are at the beginning of their life planning together. Here a moderative being helps to combine different desires and opinions.


We help our clients to make important decisions in their financial planning. It's not just about financial decisions, it's about life planning. What are my goals? What are my wishes How do I see myself in 5, 10, 20 years? It is a responsible job. And of course our clients don't want to make a mistake here either. That is why I give them time with all decisions and I am patient if there are still unanswered questions or additional scenarios need to be taken into account. Sometimes I think back to my job as a waiter during my studies. If you know that the 40-year-old woman is about to order a small apple juice spritzer, but she first wants the menu and then pans through it in order to then ... order a small apple juice spritzer. O. k., Sometimes I rolled my eyes inwardly. But now it's not about a cold drink, but about a life plan. It is clear that it is better to ask twice. And I'd rather make one more appointment in which I explain everything again. I've always done well with it.

Willingness to change

Life means change. And the financial market is pretty much alive. That means: new concepts, new products, new rules, new regulatory requirements. You have to stay tuned and you can't rely on a “that's always been the case”. Continuous learning is very important, especially for service professions in which we have to deal with different people and problems. This includes regular seminars for professional and personal training. This, together with the firm conviction that change is not a bad thing at first, helps me to remain adaptable.


As an effective woman in the financial industry, it doesn't help to isolate yourself and do “your thing”. We help each other, share experiences and bring in our strengths. And by “we” I don't just mean us women. I mean all of us. No question: I love my women's network at MLP because you are so supportive and appreciative (THANK YOU, ladies !!!). But I also have the experience that particularly mixed teams create the best solutions for challenges. However, only if there is a willingness to be helpful and to support others with one's knowledge and actions. And that's why I love us here at MLP. Because that is part of the MLP culture.

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