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10 interesting museums on Bornholm that you should visit too


In addition to the major attractions on Bornholm, there are also a number of smaller, but at least as interesting museums and attractions. You should also visit these - here is our overview:

From 10 minre museer on Bornholm - which you are absolutely sure about

Oluf Høst Museum in Gudhjem

In Gudhjem you can visit the studio and home of the Bornholm painter Oluf Høst (1884-1966), which is now a museum. Several of his main works are exhibited in Bornholms Kunstmuseum near Rø.

De Bornholmske Jernbaners (DBJ) - the railway museum in Nexø

Railways operated on Bornholm from 1900-1968. However, these were replaced by buses - but in a carefully renovated shed at the port of Nexø you can still see various exhibits from the Bornholm railway era.

Bornholms Automobilmuseum near Aakirkeby

If you like old cars, a fully equipped old auto repair shop and many other items from the past - then you should pay a visit to this small and interesting museum.

Bornholm's Defense Museum in Rønne

Bornholm's history differs from that of the rest of Denmark because the island is so far out in the Baltic Sea. Here in the museum you can see uniforms, get into a tank and learn more about the many hundreds of years of Bornholm's defense history.

City and garden museum Erichsens Gaard in the middle of Rønne's old town

When you come into the large garden behind the former house, you come to a real oasis. Access to the garden is free. And in the former home, today's Erichsens Gaard Museum, you can see how the upper class lived in the 19th century. The well-known Danish painters Kristian Zhartmann and Holger Drachmann also met here in the house

Bornholm's technical collection on north Bornholm

Over 4000 objects from the past and present are waiting to be discovered and explored by you. Get into an old fire truck or experience how the old generator of the Poulsk Electric Power Plant is started.

Nexø Museum at the harbor in Nexø

Learn more about the invasion of the Swedes in 1645, the bombing of the Russians in 1945 and the fall of the fishing industry - these are just a few of the many themes to which the exhibitions in the beautiful city museum in Nexø are dedicated.

Moseløkken quarry museum on Hammeren

In this museum you will learn more about the Bornholm granite adventure, when granite was exported from here all over the world. Pick up a hammer and chisel yourself and notice how difficult the work is. Granite is still mined in the quarry today and sometimes you can see athletes climbing or abseiling the vertical walls.

Martin Andersen Nexø's memory rooms in Nexø

Perhaps you know the novel "Pelle, the Conqueror" or the novel "Ditte Menschenkind"? In Nexø you can learn more about his work and works in the former home of the writer Martin Andersen Nexø (1869-1954).

Gudhjem Museum in the old train station

Gudhjem Museum used to be one of the many railway stations on Bornholm and now houses a small but fine museum - with various art exhibitions and an interesting local history exhibition.

Find out more about Bornholm's sights

Bornholm's attractions are relatively close to each other - and there are so many that you will always find new and interesting excursion destinations even after visiting the island several times.

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