How is India's condition now?


Pandemic: India reports the highest number of corona deaths in one day

New Delhi (AP) - India has reported more corona-related deaths in one day than any other country during the pandemic. In the past 24 hours, 4529 people who died of or with Corona in the country were recorded, such as numbers ... more

Cyclone - Indian Navy: Barge sinks in cyclone

Mumbai (AP) - About 100 people are still missing after a barge sank in the strong hurricane "Tauktae" off the coast of the Indian metropolis of Mumbai. The Indian Navy said it was able to save 177 people who died on Tuesday ... more


India is a state in Asia. The Himalaya forms the northern border of the country, in the south it borders on the Indian Ocean. It shares borders with Pakistan, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh, and in the Indian Ocean with Sri Lanka and the Maldives. With just under 1.3 billion inhabitants (2015), India is the country in the world with the second largest population after the People's Republic of China (just under 1.4 billion). If the population continues to grow, India could overtake China in five years.

Cyclone in India: storm devastates west coast - fatalities

Corona, earthquake, storm: India is currently being hit by many natural disasters. Now a tropical cyclone is causing death and devastation. A cyclone has passed along the west coast of India and, according to media reports, killed people ... more

Corona in India: 40 bodies washed ashore on the banks of the Ganges

Water burial is a not uncommon ritual in India. But because of the corona pandemic, the rivers are reaching their limits. Dozens of dead were found on the banks of the Indian river Ganges. Dozens of corpses have washed ashore on the Indian river Ganges ... more

Düsseldorf: Indian Corona variant detected in married couple

The Indian variant of the corona virus was also detected for the first time in Düsseldorf. A married couple probably got infected with it while on vacation. The Indian variant of the corona virus was detected for the first time in a married couple in Düsseldorf. The two ... more

India is sinking into corona chaos - Premier is building a new house

The corona pandemic rages unbroken in India. The Prime Minister still wants to implement a million dollar project. He is sharply criticized for this and his handling of the virus. While hospitals ask for life-saving oxygen and those infected with corona ... more

Climate protection: China is the main emitter of greenhouse gases

No country is growing so quickly - no country uses so much coal energy. A study shows: China ranks first among the industrialized countries when it comes to emissions of climate-damaging gases - by a wide margin. China's annual greenhouse gas emissions exceed, according to a new ... more

The tender plant of hope

The incidences are falling, the number of new infections is slowly falling, and more and more people are vaccinated. Reason for hope for an end to the pandemic? For the time being, thinks t-online columnist Gerhard Spörl. SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach said he was leaving ... more

Release for everyone? "Astrazeneca is like lead on the shelves"

The federal and state governments have decided: Astrazeneca will be released for everyone. So far, the vaccine has hardly been in demand. Experts criticize: Spahn and the authorities are also to blame for this. With a view to the nationwide approval of the Astrazeneca vaccine for all age groups ... more

India: 26-year-old doctor has to decide between life and death

Doctors like Rohan Aggarwal are at the forefront of fighting the corona pandemic in India. The 26-year-old has to make decisions about life and death every day - and increasingly fear for himself. The second corona wave hits India dramatically ... more

Climate forecast: 2.4 degrees warmer by the year 2100

The climate protection measures are having an effect, but they are taking too long: Experts predict global warming of 2.4 degrees by the end of this century. Nevertheless, there is reason for hope. For the experts, the international ... more

Corona pandemic: 20 million corona cases in India

New Delhi (dpa) - India has recorded more than 20 million corona infections since the beginning of the pandemic. Figures from the Ministry of Health show on Tuesday. In the past 24 hours, more than 357,000 people have been shown to have contracted the coronavirus ... more

Pandemic: Corona plunges India into crisis

New Delhi (dpa) - India has recorded the highest number of daily corona deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. 3,689 people died according to data from the health ministry on Sunday. It was only on Saturday that India became the first in the world ... more

Corona patients die in hospital fire in India

The pandemic is raging in India, the clinics are overcrowded: A fire has now broken out in a corona ward, and many have died. It's not the first time that this has happened. In the event of a fire in a hospital in the western Indian state of Gujarat, at least ... more

Pandemic: Again high value for new corona infections in India

New Delhi (dpa) - The corona pandemic continues to rage in India with ever higher values ​​for new infections every day. In the past 24 hours, 379,000 people have been infected with the corona virus, as figures from the Indian Ministry of Health show ... more

Climate crisis: worldwide glaciers are melting faster and faster

With the help of satellite images, researchers succeeded in the world's first complete inventory of glacier melt. It exposes alarming effects on sea level rise. Worldwide, the melting of glaciers has increased due to climate change ... more

USA - Joe Biden on vaccine distribution: "America First"

In the US, more than half of adults have been vaccinated at least once. For President Joe Biden this is no reason to distribute vaccine to other countries now. But he has big plans for the future. According to President Joe Biden, the US will be different ... more