What is Aquaman's greatest fear

"Completely crazy": First Aquaman reviews flabbergasted by the underwater madness

DC's Aquaman solo film is, according to initial reviews, loaded with creative, heroic madness revolving around a brilliant Jason Momoa. But the critics also discover quite a few problems under the brightly colored popcorn fun.

Aquaman will be released in German and US cinemas just a few days before Christmas. After his first appearance in the rather humble Justice League and high expectations On the part of the studio and the audience, the Atlantic hero should try to get all skeptics out of the way. And some critics are actually speechless whether the colorful underwater madness that director James Wan has created.

While the film suffers from some weaknesses, it seems to Germain Lussier from Io9 with the words "It's crazy. It's completely insane. It doesn't always work, but when it works, it's a lot of fun." to summarize quite well.

Aquaman shines with creative worlds, shameless action and pure popcorn fun

Overall, Aquaman seems loud, colorful, and sometimes beyond good and bad. This is one of the biggest, according to Colliders Vinnie Mancuso Strengthen of the film. Because although he has the feeling that every idea that could be entertaining in any way has been incorporated into the end result, this result is one "incomparably beautiful vision of an entire underwater universe".

The film is "so with enthusiasm, just having funthat I myself had more fun in the cinema than I have had this year ". William Bibbiani of The Wrap takes a similar point of view. According to him, the film goes overboard again and again, but it is without a doubt a spectacle worth seeing. Be it "a world where anything can happen, and that always looks fantastic, if it happens."

The world of Aquaman looks amazing.

Jason Momoa impresses, Amber Heard doesn't always

The central focal point of the film is of course the main actor Jason Momoa. Colliders Mancuso is really impressed by this: "Former Khal Drogo won't win any Oscars for his dramatic portrayal anytime soon, but as a know-it-all, stooge-beating adventurer with a winning smile he is like a young, slightly taller Harrison Ford."

The charm of the otherwise chaotic film "is based on Momoas natural charisma"says Alex Abad-Santos from Vox. But in addition to the so inspiring Momoa, Amber Heards Mera goes down, theirs "sleepwalking" Performance by US Weeklys Mara Reinstein picks up criticism.

Sometimes Aquaman suffocates in the chaos and ambition to be a Marvel film

While some critics admire the sheer guts with which director James Wan simply throws everything on the screen that is fun, they criticize the script's problems. Indie Wires Eric Kohn bothers you how overloaded the script is: "Instead of one Aquaman movie, Wan did three or four".

In addition, the film tries way too hard to be a DC version of Thor. Aquaman imitate Marvel's god of thunder in "downright embarrassing measure". Peter Debruge from Variety sees the problems in the length and the fact that nothing has been sorted out from the original designs. It is true "a miracle the film didn't turn out to be terrible", but you have to "accept that the film two hours of water treading worldbuilding needs to get started right. "

By and large, the consensus is among the critics positive, especially because James Wan and Jason Momoa shamelessly go all out. The story and characters aren't overly original, but in light of the sheer creativity of the film, they can't deny Aquaman the fun potential. From 20.12.2018 you can convince yourself of the Atlantic DC spectacle to which you everything important can read here.

Are you looking forward to Jason Momoa's Aquaman?