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Exam registration procedure

Explicit exam registration

Each semester you have to register separately in Jogustine for the exams that you want to take in the respective semester. Please note: You have to repeat failed exams in the following semester and register yourself to repeat the exam. There is no automatic registration!

When do I have to register?

It is imperative that you register within the exam registration deadline. Please also note the times when the deadline expires. Please register for the exams in the first few days of the deadline and do not wait until the last day. For example, you can save the deadline as a reminder on your mobile phone.
You can find the deadlines for each semester here:

How do I have to register?

You can find step-by-step instructions for exam registration on the Jogustine info page in the FAQ:

Who should I contact if I have problems registering for exams in Jogustine?

First you need to contact the Jogustine service by phone or web form:
Only if there is no further help there (!), Please send an email to [email protected] within the registration period with a precise list of the exams for which you would like to register (BA or B.Ed.? , Core or minor? Which module?). If the email arrives within the deadline, it is considered to be a timely examination registration.

What if I miss the exam registration deadline?

Then you are not allowed to take the exam, i.e. you are not allowed to take the exams or your homework is not counted.

In which cases can I register for the exam later?

Subsequent registration is only possible in the case of illness proven by a medical certificate or in the case of proven special burdens in the private environment during the entire examination registration period.

Reasons that do NOT justify a subsequent exam registration:

  • Operating errors by the student, problems with the computer
  • TANs lost or TANs were not with you
  • Reporting problems with Jogustine outside of the deadline
  • Stay abroad during the exam registration phase
  • For family or private commitments
  • Employment or committee work
  • Private vacation during the exam registration phase