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"Linus, please help us"


Linux Australia asks Linux developer Torvalds for assistance in a name dispute

The Australian Linux developer Linux Australia is hoping for prominent support in a name dispute with Linux Australia Pty. Ltd. . Nobody less than the Linux inventor Linus Torvalds should provide assistance and clarify the question.

The background

The not-for-profit organization Linux Australia is made up of developers of the free operating system and has been using this name since the mid-1990s. However, this has not yet been registered and protected. Linux Australia Pty. Ltd. came first and has registered the company name as a trademark with the Australian regulators of IP Australia. Since, in the opinion of Linux Australia, there could now be confusion, the developers now turned to Torvalds, so that he would basically exercise his right to the trademark in Australia as well.

Brand or not

The developers hope that Torvalds will now also enforce its claims on the Linux brand in Australia. According to experts, this shouldn't be a big problem for the Linux inventor. Seven years ago - in the summer of 1997 - a similar legal battle had started in the USA in favor of Torvalds; who then got the trademark rights to Linux. In Europe, too, there was a comparable procedure with the same outcome. (Red)

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