Who invented the wireless bluetooth headphones?

Bluetooth in-ear headphones are up to any situation.

Does your favorite music also make your morning jog easier or simply the way to work by bus or train? Headphones make it possible for us to always have our own soundtrack with us without bothering other people. Headphones are not a new invention: they were invented by Nathaniel Baldwin in the USA over 100 years ago - a lot has happened since then. Bluetooth in-ear models are particularly practical today.

Bluetooth is convincing in everyday life.

High-quality sound, fashionable design and first-class comfort - these are all criteria that modern headphones have to meet today. Freedom of movement in particular is an important criterion: if you want to enjoy a lot of freedom of movement at home, on the go and when doing sports, you cannot avoid buying in-ear headphones with Bluetooth. Our WINGS models, such as the RP-BTS50, offer very good support during training.

Bluetooth creates a wireless connection to your smartphone or MP3 player. Do you have to reckon with a loss of quality in music with this wireless technology? No, because the latest Bluetooth technology is very stable, less susceptible to interference and, moreover, consumes very little electricity. Bluetooth is also important for another reason: some new smartphone models no longer have a classic headphone connection!

Your style. Your sound. Your music.

Headphones are also a fashion statement today. Many rely on classic black, but white or colored models are also very popular. In any case, they are fun. The Bluetooth In-Ear RP-NJ300B therefore comes in a great blue as well as elegant black and white! In addition, it offers you some advantages in everyday life:

  • In-ear headphones block out disturbing ambient noise.
  • They hardly weigh anything and can be taken anywhere.
  • The sound quality is meanwhile in no way inferior to over-ear headphones and that with significantly more compact dimensions
  • They are very suitable for sports.

Experience bluetooth in-ear headphones!

To ensure that the Bluetooth in-ear fits perfectly in your ears, you can choose between three enclosed silicone adapters - this ensures a firm and at the same time pleasant wearing comfort. At the same time, the 9mm neodymium magnet, together with the design, ensures excellent sound insulation and a clear sound.

Stay spontaneous: If you want a quick jogging round, you don't have to do without your motivating beats! Thanks to the integrated Quick Charge function, a short charge of just 20 minutes is enough for a running time of one hour. Have you connected your Bluetooth in-ear to your smartphone? Then you can conveniently make calls with the NJ300B without having to pick up the smartphone.

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As you can see, Bluetooth in-ear headphones come in different versions and have many advantages. But maybe you are looking for an over-ear model for comfortable listening pleasure at home on your armchair? Or would you like to make a fashion statement with over-the-ear headphones? Panasonic has the right model for every situation.