What is a real lifestyle

Diet and lifestyle

What is healthy eating?

Versatile, i.e. rich in essential nutrients - that's how easily scientists and nutrition experts summarize what constitutes a healthy diet rich in antioxidants. The reason: no food contains all the necessary nutrients. Only a combination of different foods can meet our nutritional needs.

Plant-based foods such as cereals, vegetables and fruit are of the greatest importance and form the basis of all food pyramids (e.g. www.vebu.de). They provide valuable vitamins, minerals, fiber and carbohydrates.

Everyone eats differently

Yet these dietary recommendations cover the needs of a group of people ranging from young children, adolescents, adults to the elderly. But it is difficult to determine a person's individual needs in this way. However, a personalized diet and lifestyle takes age, height, weight and lifestyle into account. An indicator of how well your diet and lifestyle match the needs of your body is, for example, a measurement of your antioxidant status in the health food storeĀ®. After the measurement, you can give the specialist advisors specific and individual advice.

Moving brings blessings

Eating healthy and wholesome is important. But the right food alone does not keep us fit. Only the combination with exercise constitutes a healthy lifestyle. Half an hour a day is enough to set the positive effects on the body in motion. And studies repeatedly show that these effects exist. A scientific study recently showed that even half an hour of moderate jogging a day after contracting cancer increases the risk of new cancer
Tumors decreased significantly.