What is the salary of a QC

Salary Quality Control Specialist

What is the salary of a Quality Control Specialist (m / w)?

Find out in the salary tables on this page what the typical salary for the occupation or the profession Quality Control Specialist is. In contrast to many other providers of salary comparisons, we also use company wage data in addition to end-user entries on Salary Reporter.de and partner websites (such as hays.de). Further details on our methods and calculation bases.

Salary by region

General statements on the salary for the job of Quality Control Specialist remain difficult, however, since in addition to professional experience and region, personal qualifications and responsibility as well as the employer (industry, size) are decisive. A more precise comparison that takes these parameters into account can be found in our free paycheck. As a result you will receive a PDF report of the results. With our gross net calculator you can finally calculate what is left of the forecast gross salary.

Detailed comparison of salaries

Do you still see potential for your earnings in the Quality Control Specialist area? A new job is associated with an average of 15% to 20% salary increase. We scan and aggregate the job advertisements from all major job exchanges every day and use modern search technology to put together the right offers for you.

Salary based on work experience *

0-5 years44.013 €50.596 €60.224 €4.002 €
5-10 years50.149 €57.650 €68.618 €4.425 €
> 10 years60.135 €69.933 €81.839 €6.088 €

* We divide salaries into quartiles. Quartiles are values ​​that split a sample of data into different parts:
Q1: 25% of the data is less than or equal to this value
Q2: The median / mean. 50% of the data is less than or equal to this value
Q3: 75% of the data is less than or equal to this value

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