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Course sourceCurrent course+/-in %datetimeMoney letter
StuttgartRealtime: 17.00 EUR -0,15 -0,87% Realtime: 17,000 / 17,200
Long & Black Excha ...Realtime: 17.00 EUR -0,75 -4,22% 17,000 / 17,250
TradegateRealtime: 17.00 EUR -0,15 -0,87% 17,000 / 17,200
Frankfurt+15 min .: 17.15 EUR +0,15 +0,88% 17,100 / 17,350
Berlin+15 min .: 17.00 EUR -0,70 -3,95% 17,000 / 17,200
Dusseldorf+15 min .: 17.00 EUR -0,10 -0,58% 17,000 / 17,200
Munich+15 min .: 17.30 EUR 0,00 0,00% 17,100 / 17,400
GettexRealtime: 17.15 EUR +0,05 +0,29% 17,100 / 17,350
London Stock Exchange ...+15 min .: $ 21.13 +0,25 +1,19% n / A. / n / A.
NYSETrading venue closed: $ 20.85 -1,06 -4,83% 20,730 / 20,880
QuotrixRealtime: 17.10 EUR -0,75 -4,20% 17,000 / 17,200
Baader BankRealtime: 17.27 EUR +0,20 +1,17% 17,100 / 17,350
Long & BlackRealtime: 17.00 EUR +0,05 +0,29% 17,000 / 17,250
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Fundamental and technical key figures for TATA MOTORS LTD.

market More information:Market capitalization:
The market capitalization indicates the current market value of a company and is calculated from the total number of shares multiplied by the current price.

Free float:
The free float is the amount of shares that are not in firm hands and that are traded on the market.
Market capitalizationEUR 12,525.97 millionnumber of stocks3,828,810,136 pcs.Free floatn / A.
Fundamental More information:Earnings per share:
This figure stands for earnings per share after taxes.

Dividend per share:
Proportion of the net profit per share that is distributed to the shareholders.

Dividend yield:
The dividend yield relates the dividend paid by the company to the price of the shares.

P / E ratio:
In the "price-earnings ratio", the price per share is set in relation to earnings per share.

The "price-cash-flow ratio" is the quotient of cash flow per share and the share price.

The key figure Price-Earning to Growth-Ratio (PEG) sets the P / E ratio of a financial year in relation to the expected profit growth in the coming financial year.
21 / 22e20 / 21e19 / 20e18 / 19e
Earnings per share (in EUR)0,360,22-0,20-0,28
Dividend per share (in EUR)0,000,000,000,00
Dividend yield (in%)0,010,010,010,00
P / E ratio49,5280,61--
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Technically More information:Volatility:
The volatility describes the fluctuations in a price trend. It indicates the range in which the actual price has moved in the past around a certain trend. The higher the volatility, the more risky a share is.

The momentum is a key figure for assessing the trend of the share price development. It is calculated from the current rate divided by the rate before n Days.

RSL Levy:
The relative strength (RSL) means that courses that have developed positively in the past will also develop positively in the future. A value greater than 1 means that the current performance is better than in the past.

Moving averages:
Moving averages are calculated as the arithmetic mean of a certain number of prices in the past.
Vola 30T (in%)55,49Momentum 250T3,74Eq. Average 38T16,64
Vola 250T (in%)56,74RSL (Levy) 30T1,02Eq. Average 100T16,23
Momentum 30T1,01RSL (Levy) 250T1,57Eq. Average 200T12,17
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Company data

Master data for TATA MOTORS LTD.

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USA stock certificate
Face value
n / A.
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