Who deposited cash in my bank account?

Internet Top up your PayPal account - this is how money is deposited on your PayPal account


In order to pay with your own PayPal account, in addition to direct debiting from your bank account, you can also top up your PayPal account. In the following, we will explain how charging works.

Note: The top-up function is particularly important when taking the first steps with a newly created PayPal account, because only after a few successful payments will you be given the opportunity to automatically debit the money to be paid from your linked account.

How to top up your PayPal balance

Log in to the PayPal website as usual. As soon as you are logged in, you will be shown the overview. Click here in the "PayPal balance" on "Deposit or withdraw money".

In the next area under "Deposit money"Select whether you want to deposit money via a linked bank account or via giropay. If you have not yet linked a bank account, but still want to deposit money via a bank transfer, you must first link your account.

Now you have to make a transfer from your bank account to PayPal - either manually or via giropay, depending on the variant. In the case of manual transfer, PayPal gives you the data to which you have to transfer. These are entered automatically for a transfer with giropay. Be sure to pay attention to the Correctness of the intended use. Otherwise, PayPal may not be able to correctly allocate the transferred money.