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International Women's Day: This is what men admire most about us ladies

It's not that easy to be a woman. Because not only problems like the gender pay gap, i.e. the gender-specific payment, which is quite negative for us, especially in Germany, makes our way more difficult, we are also the ones who give birth to the beloved baby, face monthly pains and co . apart and throw away the household, while our loved one must of course not be neglected either, It goes without saying that men - even if they don't always admit it - admire us quite a bit and since it is the upcoming International Women's Day, we are only too happy to wallow in our positive qualities and have summarized for you what we really impress men with.

1. We can show feelings

Of course we live in an age in which it is perfectly okay for a man to shed a tear in public. Still, many guys don't dare - or find it inappropriate - to show their feelings in front of others. With some it even goes so far that they cannot even properly prove their emotions to their own girlfriend or wife. This can be quite annoying for a long or short time, cause arguments and even mean the end of a relationship. So it's no wonder that men envy us that a large number of us women are really good at expressing emotions.

2. We maintain social contacts

Of course, not only women are the ones with best friends and quasi real soul mates, many men also have their best buddy or a whole clique of them. However, the guys admire us again and again for how easy it is for us to keep in touch with all of them and that we are careful that good friendships need to be nurtured. 💕

3. We are capable of multitasking

The cell phone on the ear, the spoon in the head pot and, by the way, the buttocks muscles are strengthened with slight squats - this or something like that looks like a normal evening when we do our laundry, socialize and cook for loved ones. Well, not exactly, but many men imagine it that way, because they know we could if we wanted and are extremely capable of multitasking - yeah ... admirable.

4. We have feminine intuition

It has already illuminated our thoughts in some dark moments: the feminine intuition. Some guys think it's an invention, but others are fascinated by it and admire us above all for the fact that we dare to just listen to our gut instincts and do what it tells us. 💪🏼

5. We are more empathetic

As soon as someone else shows feelings or even - terribly - starts crying, the opposite sex feels quite uncomfortable. Because a lot of guys just don't know how to deal with these emotional situations because they lack a sensitive streak. Many men admire the fact that, thanks to our understanding manner, we often understand exactly how we should act now.

6. It is easier for us to find a partner

All single ladies are probably thinking: Okay, what? But yes, guys think that it is much easier for women to get to know guys and find the right partner. However, it does not occur to them that above all those guys appeal to us and want to wrap around our fingers who do not correspond to our prey scheme at all.

7. We can make our home cozy

Anyone who has ever been to a bachelorette club that Mutti has not set up knows exactly what we mean. Many men simply do not have the talent or even the will to give their home that certain something with stylish decorative items. But they still think it's great that our own four walls shine and that there are scented candles in the room and they envy us for it. But they wouldn't even lend a hand and beautify their own home.

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