What do rich people wear

History knows many examples when billionaires have the opportunity, the opportunity and access to the most expensive and iconic things, all good things to be refused and humble lives: instead of luxury cars, they were acquired and ride on bicycles instead of wearing silent costumes Pants, shirts and jumpers that can hang in any wardrobe. There is a stereotype that women fashionably sew and even if they get the opportunity to dress with chic and glamor, it will surely take advantage of it. And to check such prejudices is very simple - to look at the cloakroom of the heiress and owner of billions.

Alice Walton.

This is the only daughter of the founder of the famous American network of Wal-Mart stores. Alice trained in finance and economics and naturally began his career in her father's company as an analyst and manager. Today, the 68-year-old Waltons is estimated at $ 46 billion. Alice is known to invest in the artwork and even opened his Museum of American Art in Arkansas. When it comes to outfits, however, the billionaire doesn't judge fashion. At various events, Alice wears evening dresses made of shiny fabric, hands and neckline open. And his indispensable accessory is huge round glasses - they both go to a strict costume and an elegant dress. As decorations, Alice prefers perceptible pearls - for example a thread of large pearls, massive lures and chains.

Francoise Betankur Meyers.

Francoise is 64 years old and she owns a 33% stake in L'Oréal. The world famous cosmetics company founded her grandfather Eugene Schulller in 1909. And although his income for 2017 was $ 42.2 billion, this cannot be said the legacy of the cosmetic company. It tries to stand out from the crowd with bright outfits. On the contrary, it often chooses restrained monophonic costumes, and only for events can afford jackets with an unusual decor and details. By the way, like, like Alice Walton, has a favorite accessory - this is a scarf that she believes always and everywhere. Francoise also loves glasses oval shape, and she tries not to appear without them.

Lauren Powell Jobs.

54-year-old Lauren may be known to some as the widow of Steve Jobs. Today, however, one woman is actively involved in business: it was one of the largest Disney stockholders, and last year I had acquired a stake in the Atlantic Edition. All of this earned Lauren a fortune of $ 18.8 billion and the title of the richest woman in the tech industry. In addition, Lauren founded several charitable projects, notably Emerson Collective, which promotes social justice and safety in the United States. Unsurprisingly, Lauren is interested in not only business publications, but also calls on her glamor. After all, in addition to the achievements listed, it has one more important quality - a sense of style. In its pictures it does not tolerate additional details, but always laconic outfits. If it is a dress, then neatly emphasize the slim figure. And if it's a form of sport, then it's simple t-shirts and shorts.

Frida Springer.

The state of the 76-year-old publisher of the same name MediaGomerat is $ 5.6 billion. Axel Springer hired Frido as a nanny for his children Frido and then married a girl and taught how to run a business that she inherited in 1985 after his death. Today the FRIDA Shpringer style can be compared with the style of the first women: strict, elegant and feminine. She loves monophonic costumes of jacket, skirts and pants, while not being afraid of bright colors. At the evening events, the media signal pulls the case that the cases or slaughtered models are sleeping in the ground. Strict, stylish and nothing superfluous - what a business woman needs.

Marrene Otto.

Marrene Otto is the third wife of Werner Otto who founded the post company of the same name in Germany in 1949. Today she inherited her husband's empire, which brought in a total of $ 3.8 billion. Marrene leads a secular life and therefore loves to appear at events dressed with a pin: necessarily in an interesting elegant dress (always on the floor), with a back hair removed. She loves both luxurious models, embroidered with stones and pretty avant-garde-free toads and with artistic patterns.


The first impression that you give people directly depends on the general well-suited. Clean skin, well-manicured hands - all of these can be used at no extra cost, home remedies or inexpensive leaving cosmetics. If you are unable to feel yourself an impeccable manicure, look for an inexpensive no complaints hairdresser next to the house, prices are significantly lower than beauty salons.

Pay special attention to the condition of the hair. They should always be clean - it isn't even discussed. And no! Or, you regularly update the color - or you don't paint your hair. A compromise option can be sample shampoos - better than natural clay. The painted hair should either give the "hand of the master", or not rush into the eye, the third option is not given. If you wear short haircut - don't forget to update it in time, the hairstyle lost the form won't add your presentability. If regular visits to the master undermine your budget - grow long hair, it is enough to finish the endpoints once a couple of months.

Don't skimp on bags and shoes - they should be high quality and quite expensive. But you can afford to choose things that will be beautifully "old" - for example, to buy leather, painted in natural brown tones. Even threads look stylish. Don't go with extravagant styles. If you can afford only a pair of winter shoes And you will choose bright green boots with a rich decor - they will not always look appropriate, moreover, very quickly "take it away". We visit regularly - stopped hikers or soulful heels do not knit with the image "Per Million".

Choose clothes carefully. Better If It's Made Of Natural Materials - Anything made from cotton, wool, flax, silk looks more expensive than synthetics. Don't get drunk on "interesting models" - Inexpensive things with a simple cut on the figure will look better, and "calculate" their origin is more difficult. In addition, there are usually things "from the market", usually the quality of the seams and decorative elements. The smaller they rush into the eyes - the better.

Look out for discounts and sales of old collections in branded shops .. Do not research all models from the past season immediately, and quality always remains quality. Do not be broken by the second in the second - you can buy quality and original clothes in excellent condition. The main thing is to be interested in the dates of delivery of new things and to come on the first day to catch the cream.

Carefully choose the clothing sets - no element in them should be "torn out" of the overall concept of the ensemble. Try to make your appearance as much as possible - for example, it is better to wear cheap jeans to a picnic, and none Office pants. And make sure clothes were always clean without tightening and rolling.

From. The adage about what is hit by clothes today is more than relevant. When a person is uncomfortable to look like, you don't want to deal with them.

D.k. Quite right. Clothing informs those surrounding some information about a person. And a certain class of people appeared who learned this information in order to read. In addition, another layer of people appeared who learned this information in order to distinguish, that is, to distinguish the fake from the present. In the late eighties the professional farthanger could determine who was before him: French, Americans, German, Yugoslavs or our person "in Zakos" under someone. And now this information is being read by broader sections of the population. And people join fashion and buy fashionable things that "read" carefully to understand that it is important.

Yes, but there are many expensive fashion brands, and among them there is, for example, "Pop" like Hugo Boss, and there is "Elite", which is like Patrick Hellmann. What is the difference?

D.k. In the fact that it seems in places that you can pass the style and atmosphere of the brand. Everything we see in this boutique can, for example, imagine a certain one-piece character that can live here. That means we see what he likes - what personality, what he is looking for. After all, it's not easy for someone, someone hanging here, to invent such photos, those Lalikovski stained glass windows in the door. Rarely where it is possible to feel such a one-piece atmosphere, and it is very important, because if it is not, the sponsor will receive, from which you feel that yes, you saved a lot, but nothing broke .

What are we talking about, is the image of the brand?

D.k. Brand and these people who serve that brand create it. It is therefore dangerous if the gap arises between what is explained and what is presented. If we say an expensive cognac in a bottle from under the "Metropolitan", it may not have changed, but it won't work out an aesthetic delight. So, it's not enough just to tell a person: here are 25 suits what you want.

And by the way, I have to return to Hugo Boss, I have to say that in this brand in this brand there is a department for more expensive and less dear clothes, but in Russia they only learned about it for four or five years. And before that, Boss clothing is a very mid-range brand for white-collar workers - they only took those who tried to turn down from the fair to show their consistency. It was an attempt to escape from the middle "middle" in the suite, and from there - even further in luxury. And that is a very serious step.

That is, the hierarchy of brands is the price hierarchy?

From. To a certain degree. Let's assume we stopped bringing the costumes, which we sell very well in Germany and were around 500 euros. In Moscow we still have a number of these costumes and our customers buy them from their guards and drivers and they don't want to go into them, even though in Europe these are middle class costumes.

Generally we have several price niches that we supply within the same brand. This means that theoretically a person, a person who is starting to earn some money - to settle in a large company - it can attract us relatively fiscally, from 35,000 rubles per suit. And then he has the chance to grow within the same brand without going anywhere and not looking for what suits his status when he starts earning more.

Among the rich, there are "victims of price" when a person thinks that he cannot afford to buy cheap things?

From. There aren't very many of them. The more the person earns, the more he begins to appreciate the money. If he has 100 employees, every $ 100 increase in salary increases expenses by 10,000. And he understands all of this perfectly, so try to squeeze the highest possible discounts, etc. (Smiles.)

Yet some of the price Rich pays for clothes is symbolic. Is that the price of prestige, image? What are the Rich Pay Extra?

D.k. For some distinction from all of this.

From. And for the fact that they sometimes come to the house with shoes on. (Smiles.)

Is that for convenience? Or is it for the picture?

D.k. And for the comfort and for the picture. It created an image here, other brands are different. Apparently everyone chooses what's closer and pays for it. After all, people choose those who are more interesting, who are closer to the spirit; Here they are and there is a relationship with one brand or another.

On the other hand, a person can change and get away from one image to another. For example, Patrick Hellmann is a combination of English and Italian styles. And someone can choose a more strict English style and accept the terms of the game on the field. Someone can get carried away and go into compliance with all articles of a certain style. Well, for example in Switzerland among bankers, it is considered bad taste to wear a striped suit: a seller of expensive real estate can afford it, but there is no banker.

Will these laws obey? We don't have such difficult traditional traditions, so everything is always more diverse.

There are such cases when you look at a stranger and think that he is very rich. You will be surprised, but in most cases such an effect is achieved not by the choice of fashionable branded clothes and expensive accessory, but the result of compliance with simple rulesthanks to which everyone can look rich, even in the absence of a large amount of money.

Consider some tips on how to not only look but also feel rich.

1. Confidence

Confidence in yourself is one of the main qualities that define a man. Trust is what money cannot buy, it is an internal fortune, only to be earned by long work. Just believing in yourself and your strength can help you succeed in a career and personal life. Therefore, if you look safe, do not doubt that you will be taken as a rich man.

2. WUE information.

Knowledge is power. Rich people, businessmen and entrepreneurs, in order to carry out successful cases, should know latest news in the world of business. To look rich, you also need to have information. To do this, you need to read various information publications and magazines such as Forbes or Bloomberg. Also, you should try to learn as much information as possible about the fact that you are doing this.


Do not confuse a rich looking man and someone who is dressed in very expensive designer clothes. If you want to look rich, you need to dress smartly. This does not mean to wear business suit every day you just need to competently combine the details of clothes. Men who look rich usually choose clothes from ingredients and complement their accessories.

4. Pick up the accessories

You don't have to spend a lot of money on your outfit, you can just add stylish accessories .. Enhance the image can watch, cufflinks, wallet. The choice of hours, prefer more expensive classic models - it is very important. To look rich, you can buy good cellphone, which can be useful for you to work, do not regret money on this accessory.

5. Men's jewelry

This article could be combined with the previous one, as jewelry is an accessory that complements the picture. However, their importance is so great that they should be considered separately.

Jewelry make the image of a man complete. When you choose them, follow the same principle as when you choose accessories: do not save these items. The main rule: better less, but better.

Men should be preferred jewelry decorations. From silver 925 samples or white gold: They have the best quality as brass products and look noble as yellow gold ornaments.

7. Follow the rules of personal hygiene and take care of yourself

Even if you are fit for a few hundred dollars a suit, but your face looks busy and messy, you will not look like a rich one. The key to success is having smooth, dirty facial skin and trimmed nails on your hands.

All it takes to follow this advice is a short amount of time in the morning and a minimum that you can leave. A good razor, shaving cream and after shaving lotion will help you get the result you want.

8. Sausage yourself back with decent people.

Choosing who to communicate with give preference to those who are similar to your hits, as well as those who have already reached certain heights. And in no case that there is no monetary benefit from such communication. Home Your goal is to learn to behave, talk, and see yourself just like these successful people. When you surround yourself with such people, you will also become successful and perceive others as a wealthy man.

9. Maintain good physical condition and watch your food.

To look rich, you need to be in good physical condition. Agree that the presence of obesity does not betray confidence.As a rule, rich people are used to taking care of their health and regularly attending the gym. Three lessons per week lasting 45-60 minutes will help get your body to order itself fast enough, which will not only make you healthy and tightened, but also give you confidence.

Also, rich people care about their food, they are not just that they eat, but and where they eat. Of course, you can go to the nearest pi fish or fast food restaurant during your lunch break. However, if you want to look rich, give your preference for dinner at the restaurant. The cost of a business lunch at McDonalds will be about the same, but the surroundings will perceive you in different ways. So the advantage is clearly not on McDonald's side.

10. Pay attention to publications on social networks.

Like it or not, in order to be noticed as a rich person, you have to be active on social networks, every day that you fill the page of your profile with useful content.

Profile on Instagram or Facebook can say a lot about a person. Very often, employers, before the start of the interview, who brought the pages of potential candidates for the position to do the first impression of a person.

Therefore, be careful and careful with photos and information for placement on social networks.

There are different social classes in every society. People can be separated by many factors, but one of the brightest factors is the level of wealth. Rich people are literally visible from far away and their lifestyle is very different. Habits and luxuries of rich people are amazed, and some even cause unwanted envy. This is not the best best feeling, however, with rich people you can set an example, imitate them, and indulge in them, especially if you like such a lifestyle.

Who is a rich man

Let's open the curtain of the mystery of the life of rich people, consider - who is such a rich man. With the usual understanding this term is rich in a person who possesses great amount of material assets. Prosperity can be not only essential, but also spiritual or familial. In this article, we consider the habits of people who are financially rich.

Rich people are people who have sufficiently above average. If your average salary is 35,000 rubles per month, then a truly rich man has or already has a significant amount, or receives at least 7-10 times more average. Material wealth is not just incoming money, it is also present.

Behind the back of a rich man there is a sufficient amount of material assets that his life can offer in its entirety. This includes real estate, ancient and collectible assets, precious metals, products, etc. "Millionaire" can be an ordinary poor man, for example, who lives in Moscow, for example, in an apartment worth 7-10 million.

However, such a person cannot be taken as rich even considering the value of his housing. A rich man has many material values, and in this case the dear apartment is the only one for the soul on the "millionaire".

How can you identify a rich man?

There are many myths about rich people. The main myth is rich people who don't work. If so, they would be unlikely to get rich if they didn't get the inheritance or win the lottery.

Rich people don't just work, they often work harder and harder than everyone else. Surveys showed that rich people in America work an average of 50-55 hours a week when the middle class only works 40-45 hours.

Rich people can be enormous, but they can manage their own time. The reason for her vacation is 3-4 times a year and numerous foreign trips not only money, but also her life guidance.

They are not occupied because they work for food / bedding, they are employed for another reason - they like their business and it makes colossal income for them. Hence, they can afford to relax in Cyprus, Philippines or luxury ski resorts in the Alps.

You are unlikely to be able to withdraw a person's exact work schedule, so it is not worth it for their employment. However, it is possible to identify a rich man in his way of life. There are exceptions, such as the founder of the IKEA Network - Ingvar Camrad.

He is a very wealthy man but leads an ascetic lifestyle and still rides the Wheel of Volvo 240, which was released in 1993. But if we don't take into account the rare exceptions, rich people always give their lifestyle.

The lifestyle shows itself in small things and global things. You can also charge a rich person just for his costume or a watch. Dear car is an ambiguous indicator. It is necessary to pay attention to the details.

The car, even dear, can be taken on credit, since the thing is necessary and vividly emphasizes the status. But few will take $ 10-20,000 credit to buy a watch or a good suit. However, among cars there are some brands that are only characteristic of really rich people:

  • Porsche;
  • Bentley;
  • Ferrari;
  • Maybach;

Mercedes brands, BMW, Land Rover, etc. They can belong to both rich people and people with enough sufficient. Rich people stand out, and rare cars are expensive. Some empires sometimes collect antique items, including between them and rare cars.

Ideally, when you can see a person for a while or see the story of their life. Where a person goes to eat, where he cuts around, and where he rests, there are all of these rich people, including those who hide their wealth. Pay attention to where a person is cut. The level of the cabin and prices characterize a person, as well as the regularity of visiting such places.

The same can be said of meals. This includes not only expensive restaurants, but also proper nutrition, including lots of fish, meat and fresh vegetables / fruits even in winter.

Human residence is also a controversial indicator. Dear houses or apartments are usually not only so expensive, but because of their high quality or excellent location. Such things can be bought and only wealthy people because it is a global issue of comfort. But a certain mark the person lives by is also available. Pay attention to the details of the apartment or home, as well as the materials used, the technology.

Pets not only bring joy, not only to the common man, but also to the rich. There are very expensive breeds of dogs or cats, but also the rich people who go beyond them are also selected from classic breeds. The difference is not so much in the rocks as it is in the approach.

Rich people pay a lot more money for their animals. A pet is always well cared for, and a personal doctor can answer for its health. In connection with the catastrophic lack of time, animals often do not do the person himself, and his family or specially adjusted.

How do rich people dress?

Many rich people dress in branded clothes. Among the brands can be found as expensive, but very common and relatively "affordable" - lacoste and really expensive clothes. If you don't care about brands, pay attention to the freshness of clothes. As a rule, rich people often update their closets and rarely go into tough clothes.

Among your favorite brands of rich people:

  • Hermes;
  • Ralph Lauren;
  • Versace;
  • Berberry;
  • Armani;

For a common man on the street, these clothes can only look stylish, but rich people appreciate them for high quality. All of these are factory clothes, but rich people often resort to made-to-order clothes. It particularly affects male costumes and female evening dresses.

Rich people just can not be satisfied with serial clothing and prefer the clothes sewn exactly with their figure. Some wealthy people even have a personal tailor in the state who adjusts clothing from time to time.

Among the rich, there are supporters in style, buying t-shirts and sweaters up to 30 euros each. For example, the creator of the social network Facebook Mark Zuckerberg wears quite cheap t-shirts with ordinary pants. Another no less well-known billionaire - Steve Jobs, did not pay attention to any appearance, nor brands, so his appearance. Everyone remembered cheap black turtles.


Calculate a rich person on accessories that are much simpler than on his clothes. The two most important accessories that tell you about a person are the phone and the watch. This also applies to both genders. Rich people specify two brands of phones: Apple and Blackberry.

There are status phones, for example Vertu, but this is for the real connoisseur. Rich people prefer to enjoy the latest models of gadgets, but it doesn't do it in tribute to fashion, but because of their functionality and convenience.

To calculate a rich person at the clock, you need to understand them. The watch for a rich person is not only a decoration on the wrist even if the owner is a woman, but also a work tool. Rich people don't like and know anyone else thanks to their time. The watch should not only be beautiful, but also accurate and reliable.

Some of the most expensive watches in the world - 201-carat chopat, cost more than 25 million. This is again an accessory for connoisseurs and extremes. Rich people know how to take their money into account, and most often the watches on their wrist are within 10-60 thousand euros. Reliable, for a simple person this amount is an astronomical one, but for a rich man - this is the average price for the watch. The following popular brands fall into this price category:

  • Patek Philippe;
  • Breguet;
  • Frank Muller;
  • Audemars Piguet;
  • Jaeger-Lecoultre;

The Patek Philippe brand watch is enjoyed by rich people in Russia. Such a watch is for example Alisher Usmanova - Model Perpetual Calendar 5140 and Vagita Alekperova - Model Chronograph 5170. Leonid Michelson wears the classic Grande Reverso brand Jaeger-Lecoultre. The most popular model Breguet - Marine Chronograph belongs to several millionaires at once. All hours are characterized by extraordinary beauty, high quality performance and reliable mechanism.

Love hours were always a copy. You need to be able to distinguish a copy from the original in order to hit a person's idea. Nonprofessional, but some copies of expensive lessons can also be "expensive" and cost 1-2 thousand euros. Hence, the watch is better to consider in the crowd with other indicators of a rich man.