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Clickworker is always looking for people all over the world who are interested in creating, correcting texts, taking part in surveys or researching and categorizing data.

Registration as a Clickworker is free. Decide for yourself when and how much you work online - flexible in terms of time, for a fee and on a freelance basis.

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What orders are there?

Here is a brief overview of the different types of orders.


Create informative texts, product descriptions or articles on given topics.

More about writing jobs


As a proofreader, you will evaluate the written texts with regard to spelling, grammar, style, expression and compliance with the work instructions.

More about proofreading jobs


As an editor, you will check a text that has already been corrected in terms of content, style and the exact implementation of the work instructions.

More about editing jobs

Mystery photographer

Visit stores near you and take product photos with your smartphone. Upload this, done!

More about photo jobs

App tests

As an app jobber, you will help to optimize applications in terms of design, functionality and usability.

More about app tester jobs

Audio recordings

Whether at home or on the go - make short audio recordings with your smartphone.

More about audio jobs

Video recordings

Show us what you can do in short videos. Pick up your mobile phone and off you go!

More about video jobs

This is how it works

  1. Register at
  2. Fill out your user profile
  3. Complete short qualifications
  4. Good results secure many orders
  5. Process your orders online
  6. Get paid weekly or monthly

Your benefits at a glance

  • Easy entry through qualifications
  • Increasing earnings with good quality work
  • You work from the comfort of your own home, with free time management
  • You don't have to acquire customers. We will assign all orders to you
  • This gives you more time for your own work
  • We also relieve you of the annoying creation of invoices. We take care of the entire process up to and including the payment for you
  • Weekly or monthly payment via SEPA or Paypal
  • Help around the clock from the Clickworker community

What our clickworkers say

At first I didn't expect much from clickworker. However, now that I've got access to UHRS and have already earned $ 150 in my free time, clickworker has increased my income and I'm grateful for that!

Cody, USA

clickworker is easy to use, the jobs are well paid and the effort is worth it. Since I'm currently studying, I can put some money aside for a laptop or the next Christmas presents.

Itumeleng, South Africa

I discovered Clickworker when I wanted to find out more about crowdfunding on the Internet after watching a TV report. And I immediately “got stuck” because, unlike some other providers, there is real compensation for work here.

Bärbel, Germany

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