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Outperformance in uncertain times - a simple ...onvistaBlog

For a professional investor, it is important to achieve constant profits in all market phases if possible - or at least to perform better than the benchmark (e.g. a benchmark index). In this article, the chief analyst of the Global Exchange Service, Martin Goersch, presents a simple method of how you can identify potential new investments or promising trading candidates in the equity universe, especially after crash phases.

A store of value in times of crisis - reasons that ...onvistaBlog

The corona crisis has brought gold out of its shadowy existence and driven the precious metal to new highs. For a long time not in the focus of investors, but never really forgotten, gold shows again why it can be so valuable as a store of value and an alternative investment.

Johnson & Johnson: That's why top investor Warren B ...onvistaBlog

There is really no need to explain Warren Buffett and his Berkshire Hathaway investment company. The name stands for itself: Buffett is the ultimate value investor, has been successful for many decades and is now one of the richest people on earth. Warren Edward Buffett is 89 years old and valued at an estimated $ 85.6 billion (2020).

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