All big companies started small

Big or Small Company? advantages and disadvantages

Are you planning your career path and wondering whether medium-sized companies or corporations are the better choice? bigKARRIERE analyzes the pros and cons of company size for you!

The choice is yours: large or small company

Big or Small Company? Many people who are still at the very beginning of their careers ask that. Both types of company have particular strengths and weaknessesthat have to be weighed against your own wishes. Top corporations are known to everyone and have a reputation. Medium-sized companies cannot keep up with this level of awareness. But despite the high initial interest, large companies not only offer advantages. Every young professional should also know the disadvantages of large companies in order to make the right personal decision for a large or small company!

Careers in the corporation: advantages and disadvantages of large companies

The advantages of the size of a corporation are considered to be the Development and career opportunities. Because large companies have many departments and often have several locations, attractive opportunities for advancement quickly arise. Even assignments abroad in neighboring countries or very far away are possible. When it comes to training, workshops and interdisciplinary projects, corporations have a completely different budget than small companies. Apprentices and trainees already benefit from this.

Other advantages of company size concern Salary and allowances. In general, the salaries in large companies are better, and there are often additional offers, such as an in-house fitness studio or childcare. The larger the group, the more leeway there is when it comes to bonuses, company pensions and Christmas bonuses.

But there are also negative aspects. One of the disadvantages of large companies is that getting started is not easy. Large corporations attract a multitude of competitors against which you are all in one enforce a lengthy application process have to. In order to attract attention in a positive way, skills in self-marketing are mandatory. Because only those who can sell well can get ahead. Self-confidence, diplomatic skills and good networking skills are also in demand.

Nevertheless, there is one in large companies more distant working atmosphere than in small companies. Competitive behavior and hierarchies are also more pronounced, and direct contact with superiors on the higher floors is poor. Another minus point are the long decision-making paths, because there is little personal responsibility in the group and everything has to be approved in the upper management levels.