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Tutorial on How to Conquer and Date a Japanese

We've already created a guide on how to conquer and date a Japanese girl, but with men and boys the situation is completely different. While in the west men have to do a hard job to win a girl, in Japan women have to work hard to win a man's heart.

Culturally, the Japanese are very shy, even more so than women. The result is a population filled with single adults who are not romantically involved. That is why many Japanese prefer relationships with foreigners because dealing with Japanese men is usually not easy.

Many western women dream of marrying Japanese. That's why we created this long guide on how to conquer and date Japanese people. Maybe this guide is for girls who want to attract other Asian men like Koreans or Chinese.

Remember that if you are looking to capture a descendant of the Japanese here in Brazil, you will be like Brazilians most of the time. So use the standard methods. I personally recommend that you choose your partner well, as both men and women today are very shallow, empty and selfish, thinking only of pleasure and not love.

Myths and lies about relationships with Japanese boys

Some people watch too much anime and find that in general, every Japanese guy prefers cute girls with kawaii style. It is true that cute girls stand out as Japanese beauty, but in reality there are few men who really dream of characters like those from anime. Japan is not a country full of otakus, as some think they are a minority.

Some claim that Japanese people dislike Western women, but in reality this deception stems from several cultural issues. I believe that doing the same with Westerners who dislike Japanese can generate stereotypes or other generalizations. Mainly because it's really much easier to relate to people who speak your language and have their customs. If the person follows all of the points mentioned in the article, there is no need to worry about this generalized idea.

Some believe that Japanese people are cold, but again this is a mistake due to cultural differences. If you really understand like a Japanese head you won't have these stupid thoughts. Japanese people have grown up since childhood always thinking of their neighbors, not themselves. You just don't have the opportunity to show it.

Yes, let's not deny that there are Japanese self-interest, loveless, deceitful, and countless other negative aspects. Unfortunately, this is common in every culture because every person is different and evil is present in every country. Just don't be afraid or have negative thoughts about anything or you will never be happy! Just be smart!

What do you need to know before conquering a Japanese?

Japanese men are often very different, but have similar traits. A Japanese can be sloppy or care about looks and beauty just as much as a woman. Some men even wear makeup and take longer to dress than a woman.

Japanese boys are usually not interested in foreign girls. Some already find it difficult to meet Japanese. So do you imagine foreigners with all the cultural challenges? You have to work hard, try and be yourself! Some women think of using their bodies and western appearance to their advantage, but try to make your personality a priority.

Japanese men like girls who are approachable, graceful, respectful, humble, innocent, kind, empathetic, and especially sweet and shy. For some girls, it may seem an impossible mission, but remember that every person is different. You should therefore analyze your movements and use the classic stereotypes of conquest and flirting.

The Japanese do not usually express their feelings in words, but usually do it with actions. We can see that many relationships begin in Japan because of the girl who confessed their feelings, not the man. Also, do not try to touch or grab the man as this is not a common practice in Japan.

Remember when! Japanese men don't usually take the first step!

What to do to conquer a Japanese

Unfortunately, many Japanese people care too much about their appearance. Hence, you may need to take good care of your skin and clothes, and also try to shed a few pounds as the Japanese competition is very thin and the Japanese are thin (because they look fragile and fluffy). Don't give up if you don't meet these standards because every pot has its lid, even a pan.

Do not even think about addressing the sensuality, some Japanese do not like it. Wear decent clothing that doesn't reveal too much. Sometimes kids and cute clothes do better than certain necklines. Be careful when flirting, the Japanese don't like Western daring. You need a lot of patience to get the Japanese you want!

Some care in appearance is essential. Japanese like girls who smell good with white smiles and white attitudes. Perhaps watching anime and romance dramas will help you learn how girls behave towards men and how Japanese react.

Japanese still prefer ancient methods, a card of perfume can be a good move to win the boy over. Remember that February 14th is Valentine's Day in Japan, you need to make and give away a chocolate to express your feelings. If he's interested, he'll return on March 14th.

Other important points are:

  • Learn more about your culture;
  • Learn the language;
  • Understand Japanese humor;
  • Be open;

Remember that in Japan it is not uncommon for girls to confess their love (kokuhaku). When the time is right, you need to express your feelings and be prepared for both answers. You already have that no! You have to run after the yes!

Understanding Japanese men's heads a little

There are a couple of things that you need to know in order to have a good relationship or win a Japanese man. Let's list some interesting things Japanese men like below:

  • Japanese men have a fetish for uniforms, be it high school, office, tourism, flight attendants, or other;
  • Japanese men like women who act like housewives;
  • The Japanese value their male friends very much;
  • Half of Japanese men don't care if the woman is older;
  • The relations between Senpai and Kouhai for the Japanese are eternal;
  • Japanese usually have a maternal complex;
  • Japanese men are basically children;
  • For the Japanese, work is more important than love.
  • The first things the Japanese observe in a woman, according to order, are: eyes, style, bust, hips, lips, and legs;
  • Japanese men don't usually despise or hate their old relationships.

Now let's list some things Japanese men don't like and a few points you need to know in order not to stall:

  • Japanese men don't like to talk about their jobs.
  • There are times when Japanese men want to be alone.
  • Women who send messages all day;
  • When women decline an invitation;

If you remember all of the points mentioned in this article, you will know how to react during an encounter or relationship with Japanese men. The most important thing is not to despair when you get into an awkward situation. Intercultural relationships are successful when both parties accept the challenges that arise.

How can you have a good relationship with the Japanese?

There is no secret, you will find rude and arrogant men, but you will also find sensitive and compassionate men. No matter what kind of man you meet, they are simple beings that you have to understand and deal with. They are basically children. It doesn't matter if you are western or asian, if you see a man with a smile on his face who acts like a jerk you made it!

Basically, remember that Japanese men are slow, sentimental, and shy. Also, keep in mind that it is difficult for Japanese people to show affection in public, or sometimes they simply show their feelings with actions instead of words. Finally, we summarize the points mentioned in this and another article in a few words:

  • Japanese men are very shy;
  • Japanese men aren't worried about being single so you have to fight.
  • Be yourself;
  • Use common sense, be moderate;
  • No man is the same, conform;
  • Japanese men don't usually use words to express their feelings;
  • You need to understand and respect Japanese culture.
  • You need to learn the basics of the Japanese language.
  • You have to know what he likes;
  • You have to be patient and take it slow;
  • Explain yourself the Japanese way (kokuhaku);
  • Japanese people look a lot, so get ready;
  • Japanese men also take good care of their looks;
  • Don't forget the important dates;
  • Don't try too hard to scare the boy;

Hope you enjoyed the tips in this article! We'd love to hear your comments and contributions on this matter. Finally, we also recommend reading:

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