What is the height of Charminar

Charminar , (Urdu: "Four Minarets") historical monument in the heart of Hyderabad, West-Central Telangana State, South-Central India. The city, which is both the capital of the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, was also the capital of the historic princely state of Hyderabad.

The monument was built in 1591 by Muḥammad Qulī Quṭb Shah, the fifth king of the Quṭb Shāhī dynasty, and is said to have been the first building in Hyderabad, its new capital. Over the years it has become a signature monument and an iconic symbol of the city's heritage. Legend has it that the Hyderabad region was hit by a devastating epidemic when Muḥammad Qulī Quṭb Shah moved his capital from nearby Golconda to the new city. He commemorated the end of the plague with the construction of a mosque known as Charminar due to its four towering and distinctive minarets, one at each of the four corners of the building. It formed the centerpiece around which Hyderabad was planned.

The Charminar is now considered to be one of the highest architectural achievements of the Qu Shb Shāhī period and is a great architectural composition in the Indo-Saracen style. It is made of granite and lime mortar with stucco decoration. The square structure measures 20 meters to the side. Each side faces in one of the main directions and has a pointed arch that is 11 meters wide at the base and 66 feet high at the top. A multi-sided column rises at each corner of the structure and continues upwards on a lotus leaf base until it culminates in a minaret with a dome-shaped roof 49 meters above the ground. Each minaret is accessible via a spiral staircase on the inner wall and consists of four levels, each of which has a delicately colonnaded covered corridor around the outer wall. There are two floors above the arches of the main structure. The first was once used as a madrasah (Islamic college) in the Quṭb Shāhī era, and the second is a small mosque. In addition to the mosque, the Charminar has 45 other prayer areas. The roof and minarets of the Charminar offer panoramic views of Hyderabad, particularly the historic Golconda Fort to the west and the bustling Lad Bazaar next to the Charminar, famous for its traditional lacquer bracelets with colored glass and stones.