Did Lolita Humbert ever love

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Vladimir Nabokov

Lolita (Part 1: Enchanted Hunter)

Template: Lolita (Roman, Russian)

Translation: Dieter E. Zimmer

Adaptation (word): Walter Adler

Technical implementation: Theresia Singer, Matthias Fischenich

Assistant director: Silke Hildebrandt, Ute Christine Krupp

Director: Walter Adler

Humbert was 14 when he fell in love with twelve-year-old Annabel in Europe. Annabel dies. Since this youthful experience, Humbert has fallen for "demonic" girls between the ages of nine and fourteen, nannies whom he calls "nymphs". Humbert is 37 when he meets thirteen-year-old Lolita as a professor in Ramsdale / USA, the perfect incarnation of his dreams. To be close to her, he marries Lolita's mother. She soon notices what is going on between Humbert and her precocious daughter. She is killed in a car accident. Lolita becomes Humbert's lover without ever actually reciprocating his love. For a year, the two of them drive all over the USA as father and daughter. The threat of an anonymous caller makes her flee in a rush to Mexico. But they are being pursued, and finally Lolita, apparently in league with the pursuer, has disappeared without a trace. Until after three years Humbert receives a letter from her in which she asks him for help ...

Vladimir Nabokov was born in Petersburg in 1899. He studied French and Russian literature in Cambridge, then lived in Berlin and Paris, where he began to write. In 1940 he went to the USA, worked as a professor of Russian literature and became world famous as a poet, novelist and translator. He had his greatest success with his novel "Lolita", which appeared in 1955 and which critics, after its initial underground fame, described as one of the most provocative classics in world literature. The story of a man who chases an unattainable passion, which cannot be fulfilled because it has to destroy what he owns, has been filmed twice in the theatrical version (1962 by Stanley Kubrick, 1997 by Adrian Lyne). Both attempts are far behind Nabokov's template. The radio play is based on the novel and a screenplay published by Nabokov himself in 1974, which he wrote in 1961 for the film adaptation of Kubrick, but which was only partially used by him. Nabokov died in Montreux / Switzerland in 1977.