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FPÖ - Schnedlitz on feminicide: Wrong and one-dimensional problem assessment does not help!

The problem is not the image of women among Austrian men, but rather insane violent criminals and immigration

Vienna (OTS) - “The increase in violence in families and against women, accelerated not least by the permanent lockdown, is a terrible tragedy. But if the topic is played up as if it were a problem for Austrian men because the last perpetrator is an apparently insane Austrian, this wrong assessment of the situation will not help anyone. The problem is not the image of women among Austrian men, but the criminal negligence in dealing with obviously dangerous perpetrators and the image of women among immigrants, especially from Islamic countries, ”said FPÖ General Secretary NAbg today. Michael Schnedlitz. “Just because the last woman murderer was an Austrian, one must not judge the situation and the problem in a one-dimensional way. The ideological blindness of this government has apparently impaired the ability to analyze ”, Schnedlitz continued.

“Today's security summit must therefore bring two solutions: negative immigration and full hardship against perpetrators, who often have no fooling around until it is too late,” the FPÖ Secretary General noted two measures that cannot be delayed. “The 'Bierwirt' was well known for a long time, but the murder of 16-year-old Manuela in Wiener Neustadt in 2019 by a Syrian asylum seeker could and should have been prevented, like many other feminicides, should have been intervened earlier. Waiting until it is too late and further immigration from Islamic patriarchal countries will only compound the problem rather than solve it. If ÖVP interior minister Nehammer and this turquoise-green government do not immediately take clear steps and real measures instead of just talking, they will be jointly responsible for every further murder of women, ”emphasized Schnedlitz.

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