Are bearded dragons social

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Gestures of submission and domination

"Ok, ok, I'll give in":
The often observed waving of the foreleg is actually a gesture of submission. The movement is supposed to appease the other person so that the dominance does not lead to aggression.

"Attention, just watch out":
The bearded dragons express threats in their language in a similar way to the signs of dominance. In addition, the bearded dragon erects the sting that forms the beard (which gives the animals their name). This part of the body can also turn black - if the animal then tears open its mouth, which is yellowish on the inside, the result is a quite spectacular picture that is unmistakable for other animals. Bearded dragons also show these signals when they are frightened.

Understand the "language" correctly

"Oh dear, that doesn't suit me right now" or "I feel threatened":
The bearded dragon closes its eyes. People often interpret this behavior as feeling good - a big misunderstanding. When a bearded dragon closes its eyes, it is anything but comfortable. In this case, as a keeper, you should find out how you can create a stress-free environment for the lizard.

It is therefore worthwhile to observe the animals in the terrarium closely and to know their "language". In this way, keepers can see how their animals are doing and how a group harmonizes with one another.