Can I work 3 part time jobs

Two part-time jobs at the same time

If an employer works a little less than full-time, one speaks of part-time work. A part-time job is ideal for women and men who cannot decide 100 percent between family and career and want to combine both.

What is a part time job?

Part-time work is legally stipulated in Germany and differs from a classic half-time job. The official definition can be found in the law on part-time work. According to ยง 2 (paragraph 1, sentence 1) an employee is employed part-time if his regular weekly working hours are less than the working hours of a full-time employee.

Whether or not you work part-time does not depend on the hours worked per week. Rather, the average comparative value of the other employees in the company plays a role. If the regular full-time work for an employer is 40 hours per week, a deviation of one hour is sufficient for this to be interpreted as a part-time job. Part-time work also includes marginal employees and part-time jobs.

Can you have two part-time jobs at the same time?

Thanks to the flexibility of part-time work, you can basically do two part-time jobs at the same time. From a purely legal point of view, it is expressly permitted in Germany to work part-time for two employers. You have to meet certain requirements and adhere to the legal regulations. In general, as a part-time employee, you have the same rights under labor law as any full-time employee.

Rules for two part-time jobs

As a part-time jobber, you must not exceed the maximum time allowed by the Working Hours Act. According to German law, you are not allowed to work more than 8 hours on average on a working day.

For a certain period of time, the daily working time may be increased to a maximum of 10 hours (up to 60 hours per week). This is only allowed if you compensate for the higher working hours in the future. You can either opt for the classic model (part-time Classic) or part-time Classic Vario (combination of full-time and part-time).

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Does the employer have to be informed about the second job?

Before taking on a second part-time job, you should read the employment contract for the first job carefully. If it has been contractually stipulated that you have to inform the employer before taking up a second job or require his consent, this should be taken into account. Even if nothing is explicitly stated in the employment contract, it is more sensible to talk to the employer.

If you have the express permission of the employer or if he doesn't mind, the employer of the second part-time position must give his consent. If the new employer does not agree, you either have to choose one of the two positions or work full-time.

How are two part-time jobs taxed?

If you have two part-time jobs, you automatically have two tax brackets in Germany. Depending on your marital status, the responsible tax office assigns a tax class - from 1 (I) to 5 (V) - to the first part-time job. If you earn more than 450 euros a month in the second part-time job, you get tax class 6 (VI) from the tax office. If you earn less than 450 euros a month, you are classified as a mini jobber. In such a case, you do not have to pay wage tax and you do not receive a tax bracket for the second part-time job.

With two part-time jobs, you can alternatively determine which of the two jobs is assigned to tax class 6. The deductions in tax class 6 are comparatively high. For this reason, you should always use the unfavorable tax bracket for the part-time job with lower earnings.

The high taxation in tax bracket 6 can be easily explained: In the other 5 tax brackets, employees benefit from tax exemptions. In tax class 6 there is no basic allowance, child allowance or employee lump sum. With this you pay taxes from the first euro you earn.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a part-time job?


If you don't work full-time, but less, you have more free time and can manage your time better. With regard to the opening times of the offices, childcare facilities or other important bodies, you are much more flexible with a part-time job.

Parents who can spend more time with their children plan the daily routine as optimally as possible. Part-time jobbers often benefit from this feature in the workplace: The structured processes mean that part-time jobbers work more productively and effectively.


Compared to a classic full-time job, you work fewer hours with a part-time job. This has a negative impact on the wallet. In the worst case, the lower financial possibilities lead to the fact that you have to restrict yourself privately. This somewhat negates the benefit of the free time gained. If you have two part-time jobs, the overall tax burden is higher than with a single full-time job.

According to German labor law, it is difficult to switch from a part-time job to a full-time job later. By law, you have a legal right to change from full-time to part-time employment. The other way round, however, is a lot more rocky.


How are two part-time jobs taxed?

If you have two part-time jobs, you automatically have two tax brackets in Germany. Depending on the marital status, the responsible tax office assigns the first part-time job a tax class - from 1 (I) to 5 (V). If you earn more than 450 euros a month in the second part-time job, you get tax class 6 (VI) for this from the tax office.

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