Like boys really little girls

Do guys like short girls? How to know for sure if you are his type

When trying to pick up a boy you may want to know his type. Do boys like little girls? Here's how to say if the guy you like wants someone like you.

To be fair, we all have our types. There are only certain body types, hair colors, and even eye colors that we prefer to others. Is that flat Maybe, but that's how we are. Hence, all types have a type. Do boys like little girls? Do you prefer long hair?

To be honest, it all depends on the person. Some people like very tall women and others may like them short. You can never really tell what a guy likes just by looking at him. You can't just assume that when a guy is on the shorter side too, he likes short girls.

Everyone has their own preferences for a variety of reasons.

You may like short guys with a stronger build. Your boyfriend may like tall guys that are lean and muscular. Why do you have these differences in taste? Genetics. Basically, we like what we like because our bodies see someone and decide we were a genetic match.

That's how it really works. By the time you see someone, your brain is already making connections based on your DNA and determining if a person's body, face shape, hair color, and everything else will match your own. This happens subconsciously and you don't really know.

Do boys like little girls? How can I tell if a guy likes the shorter ones?

The process of determining who will suit your type is a silent, internal process. Hence, you won't be able to tell if a guy likes little girls just by looking at him. However, you can tell if he likes your type in any other way. Here's how to know if the guy you're looking for likes little girls.

# 1 He's dated little girls in the past. Check out all of his exes. Were they pretty short? Even if he's dating a bigger girl, watch out for the majority. If they're mostly short, then he definitely has something for smaller girls.

However, it could be that there really isn't a trend among the women he has dated. Some are tall, some are average, and then there may be a few little girls. If that's the case, he's the type of guy who doesn't particularly care about height. He focuses on other things.

# 2 He's on the shorter side. This is not the standard now. Some shorter men love tall women with long legs standing over them. However, it is quite common for shorter men to prefer women who are shorter than them.

This has a lot to do with the fact that shorter men often don't feel very masculine. They are short. Other men are much taller and therefore feel less manly. Short women make them feel bigger than they are. You can feel like a man when the woman is smaller.

# 3 He tends to meet shorter women. Notice his behavior. Does he go around meeting smaller women or larger women? You can easily tell when you are both in the same bar or nightclub. Whom is he moving to?

People tend to choose women they prefer. If you notice him talking to a bunch of taller women, he probably prefers them. But that doesn't mean he doesn't like little girls. It's just a great way to see the kind of girls he likes.

# 4 He seems uninterested when taller women talk to him. Now watch the women approaching him. When they grow up, does he seem interested? Does he flirt and lean tight and smile a lot? If so, he may like tall women. But that could also be because she is very attractive regardless of her height.

A good way to tell is if he tends to talk longer to the shorter women. It could be pretty obvious when he's having long conversations with shorter women. You also have to keep in mind that sometimes he could only chat politely and wasn't interested at all.

# 5 He says that. Some guys are very open to loving short girls. I once dated a guy who said he loves shorter women. Since I am average and slightly above average, I have taken note of this. I wasn't exactly his type, but he still liked me just as much.

You will know if a guy likes little girls by talking about them. Sometimes people get together and discuss what they like about women and when you are around you will learn. Or he could just say that he doesn't like tall women. That said, he just doesn't like girls taller than him.

Why do more men prefer shorter women?

This does not mean that men like women under a certain height, but that women who like women are shorter than they are. Yes, some people like women who are taller than they are, but that's usually not the norm. Here's why men seem to like girls on the shorter side.

# 1 It makes you feel manly. Guys love to feel masculine. This really is the biggest part of what you need to know about what guys like. That is why men prefer very feminine looking women. And that's why some guys prefer women who are shorter.

Well, don't make the mistake of thinking that all guys have an ego problem and just need you to feel masculine. A very big reason guys are like little girls is because they can feel bigger and therefore more manly.

# 2 It gives them a sense of protection. This, too, has a lot to do with masculinity. Men want to feel masculine and by being taller than the women they date they will feel like they can protect them.

This is also related to protecting a boy. This job is made easier when the women are a bit smaller and feel like they are doing more.

# 3 It's more accepted by society. Unfortunately, that's just the reality. People who meet women who are taller than them get weird looks because others think it makes the man look less manly. This is a very twisted image that society has projected onto people. But guys still feel affected by it.

# 4 They're less intimidating. Do you know why models are so intimidating? It doesn't really have to do with their being beautiful. Many short women are beautiful. Models are very tall and they tower above others.

Weaker men with smaller egos would rather not have a woman intimidated for them. It can make them feel small and therefore less like a man. Even if they are not.

# 5 You are considered maternal. This has nothing to do with the fact that women are shorter and have more to do with psychology. When men see a shorter woman, they subconsciously think that she is more caring and motherly. This is about genetics and how our minds perceive shorter women.

So do guys like little girls? The answer is, it depends. Some do and others like their wives on the higher side. It really just depends on the type, but overall there seems to be a preference for shorter women.