How do you do an exit interview

How can I politely decline the exit interview?

I don't like exit interviews for the same reasons, but when I think back, most of the exit interviews I've done weren't interviews at all. I don't remember anyone ever asking me why I left or asking for suggestions on how to improve. They already knew why I was leaving.

In general, you don't have to go to an exit interview if you don't want to. However, your company will likely need to run certain compliance notifications and other documentation, and you may need to return keys and / or ID. The best time for this is an exit interview.

Do not worry. If they ask you awkward questions, don't be rude or angry. Just give a short, general answer. For example, if they ask for suggestions on how to improve the conditions, just say you don't have any. When they ask why you are leaving, they are saying you have a better opportunity. Don't do anything to extend the meeting and it should be quick.


"... most of the exit interviews I did were not interviews at all." I Agree. While I have had exit interviews asking questions about my departure and where I was going, most of them have just gone through paperwork and termination-related procedures such as: B. whether I wanted COBRA health insurance to check my address (for tax returns, etc.), handing in badges and keys, etc.