9 month old toddlers can walk

Baby development at 9 months - walking?

It all happens at the same time! New groceries, the first steps on furniture combined with poor sleep and a lot of babbling. Every day is exciting and by no means boring. Baby 2.0 keeps me very busy with its developmental steps. The baby & child development month after month.

My baby can do that at 9 months

Weight: 8.8 kg

Size: approx. 75 cm

In the last blog post on the development status, I still hoped that he would take his time walking along the furniture. Nothing there, baby dares to take the first careful steps sideways on furniture and a little more securely, if unsteadily, on our hands. But he is still very far from running. I maintain this this time too.

  • Walk along furniture
  • accidentally stand freehand
  • Speaks a lot: "there"
  • Says "Mamama" and partly means me (?)
  • 4 teeth are there
  • Tooth # 5 might be coming
  • Drink from a beak cup (which I never wanted!)
  • Breastfeeding during the day i. d. Usually less
  • Now eat chunks like mashed potatoes with broccoli
  • Got bread with butter / cream cheese for breakfast and dinner
  • Always eats with us with + two fruit meals
  • Dress size 80/86
  • Diaper size 4
  • Has tried dry cat food
  • Ate a piece of paper roll
  • One more cat scratch

Baby 2.0 plays with it at 9 months

The wood fire brigade is still in action every day and can withstand his pull-up maneuvers very well. Meanwhile, the big son finds her boring again. Baby 2.0 puts figures in the different levels, takes them out again, sucks them extensively and hits them on the floor. In between we look at books, reward me with a smile and grab cat toys. Putting things into holes is still fashionable, as is technical gadgets. Our robot vacuum cleaner is hunted regularly. So vacuuming is no longer stress-free, I always have to go into a room with him that is not being cleaned.

Water bottles, empty and full, also work well. The horribly annoying baby walker that Winnie is on is also popular. The sentences eat their way into the brain, the music brings nightmares and he cannot push the car because it keeps rolling. The function of learning to walk is not fully apparent to me.

Baby sleep or not sleep, that is the question

Help, I can't get anywhere on my “lunch break”. Last month I was still happy about the 2-3 hours he slept and complained about the nights. Now it's the other way around. It seems like my baby forgot how to sleep when she was 9 months old. Casting off at noon is no longer possible. He immediately notices every movement when I lower him into his bed and wakes up screaming. I wear it, try again and it screams. My interim solution: either pack it in the sling or let me sleep in my arms. In both cases he only sleeps half an hour, which is of no use to me for my free time / work.

After all, it works better in the evening. Since I no longer want to breastfeed so much (only in exceptional cases or when he really needs milk instead of closeness), my husband takes care of bringing them to bed. He can play himself tired, then gets his sleeping bag and is carried for half an hour until he is put asleep in bed. He does not wake up until he is breastfeeding around 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. Since he sometimes screams at night, we let him sleep in our bed from time to time, which means less sleep for us. He wriggles, turns around, pushes his little head into our bodies, digs his fingers into our noses (ouch!) And makes me think about what can go wrong. It could fall out of bed, be crushed by us, or accidentally wrapped in our blankets. That also makes me sleep badly. But it is better to sleep badly than not sleep at all.

* yawn *

And now on with your tricks: how do I get my baby to bed asleep at noon?

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