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Top foods for building muscle

What should you drink to promote muscle building? First of all, of course much waterbecause muscles consist to a large extent of water and only work and grow optimally if they are well hydrated. In addition, protein that is not used for the synthesis of body tissues is used as an energy source, ie it is "burned". This creates ammonia, which is converted into urea and excreted through the kidneys. Anyone who consumes a lot of protein-containing foods to build muscle should therefore drink a lot with them the kidneys are relieved and no protein breakdown products accumulate in them.[11]

Other suitablebeverages for muscle building are those which contain protein. First and foremost, milk, buttermilk, drinking yoghurt and other liquid milk products should be considered, even if all of these products are officially classified as food rather than beverages.

Finally, there are also modest amounts of 300 to 500 ml all around the workout sweetened drinks Interesting: One hour to half an hour before training, you can fill up with energy (glucose) with soft drinks and the like, whereby there is a low risk, resulting in a so-called hunger rest during exercise (rapid drop in blood sugar level combined with hunger and fatigue ) to suffer. Alternatively, for example, a (sweetened) cup of coffee and a ripe banana can be consumed.[13]

Since the sugar from sweetened drinks gets into the blood particularly quickly as glucose, from there to be transported to the muscle cells, where the glycogen stores are replenished with it sweet drinks are also an option right after training. If you want to combine the insulin-promoting effect of carbohydrates directly with your post-workout protein portion, you can easily modify it. In the fitness scene, people like to use the modified starch maltodextrin in powder form, as this can be mixed in well and tastes relatively neutral in taste, i.e. not very sweet.

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