Interracial relationships are still obsolete

What are the customs of Tamriel?

It is important to note that despite being featured, Tamriel is NOT a unified continent. Even if Tamriel is under the "umbrella" of a government, it is really just a loose combination of nine (9) different cultures . Each of these cultures has its own customs and laws, not to mention the laws established by the governing body at the time.

During the fourth era of Skyrim, standard marital practice was to present the target of your affection with an amulet indicating your intention to get married. If the recipient agrees, the two of you will be married in the temple of Mara and then considered husband and wife. The fact that the ceremony is taking place in the temple and is presided over by a priest from Mara seems to suggest that it is a religious rather than a civil affair (in which case it would be the local Jarl performing the wedding) .

Based on the games, it can be assumed that there are no gender and / or race restrictions in relation to marriage. Of course, individual beliefs would also come into play. While inter-species marriage (e.g. Nord & Dark Elf) might be legal, it could easily be accepted in one village while looked down on in another.


At the same time, I very much doubt that a Dunmer and a Khajiit or an Argonian could get married in Morrowwind. The Dunmer are not as acceptable as the Nords.