Why do companies have multiple office locations

Different locations - different WHM requirements

The special challenges that decentralized or branch-based companies face make it difficult to introduce successful company health management (OHM). We have the right tips to help you overcome the biggest hurdles. Because digital BGM in particular offers many advantages here. But analog measures can also be implemented with good planning.

We have summarized the three biggest hurdles and reveal the right solution.

Challenge 1: Different locations, different requirements

Employees in the warehouse have different health problems than those in the office and those in turn different from e.g. field workers. With digital BGM you can create your own "company" for each location, each department or each professional group and display the content in a target-group-oriented manner. The various health requirements can be determined by means of a survey in the app for the respective "company". In this way you can determine the site-specific needs and take targeted preventive measures.

Challenge 2: Central OHM management

Usually there is only one OHM manager per company for all locations. Here, too, the digital BGM has the advantage that it can be centrally controlled, recorded and evaluated. A single person can oversee everything and decide whether information should be displayed for all “companies” or whether it should focus on location-specific issues. Offline events can also be communicated and processed centrally via an app. In addition, information can then be transmitted at the location using posters, info screens or company magazines.

Challenge 3: Reaching all employees

Not every employee has a permanent workplace or access to the computer. However, almost everyone owns a smartphone. The advantage of digital BGM is also obvious here. Employees receive health courses, tips and workouts directly on their mobile phones and can access them anytime, anywhere. Webinars and workouts can be held live via the app for everyone in the company. The opportunity to interact with the lecturer and the other participants creates a connection beyond your own location.

Analogue measures can also be implemented using WHM tours. Several locations are approached here within a defined period of time. This means that concentrated workshops, e.g. fitness courses or cooking workshops, as well as health days can be held. Registration for this is again controlled centrally via the app.


The greatest challenge in OHM for decentralized companies is to control everything centrally and yet respond individually to each location. This can be achieved using a BGM app. Digital BGM reaches everyone anywhere and at any time, because almost everyone now has a smartphone. Thanks to app surveys, you can filter out the various needs of the locations or occupational groups and respond to them individually. In this way, health courses, tips and workouts can be controlled centrally but selected and played out on a location-specific basis.


In our whitepaper on the subject of digital OHM we deal with the trend in detail.