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Tips against boredom: 18 things we have time for now

Status: 19.03.2021 5:09 p.m.

The coronavirus restricts our social life. Despite all the necessary seriousness, the time at home can also have something positive: For example, we can talk to old friends or join the puzzle game!

Some get lost in the stress of their leisure time because they have started long overdue projects at home, others take it easy and just hope that the cold season will pass as quickly as possible: Each of us goes with the current situation in which events are canceled , Vacations and dates fall into the water due to the coronavirus, different to.

Those who work a lot may be happy to be able to take a deep breath in between instead of running from appointment to appointment. The big gaps in the appointment calendar are certainly troublesome for one or the other.

If your apartment has already been cleaned and Instagram has been played through again, you might find new inspiration here. We now have time for these 18 things:

1. Revive old friendships

"We urgently need to call again" - well, how often have you sent this sentence to someone in the last few months and years? Now is the perfect time to finally call your best friend from school or your good friend from your apprenticeship again to chat in peace. Maybe with all the things that have happened in both of your lives in the meantime, you can even forget the current coronavirus situation for an hour.

2. Get into puzzle madness

Jigsaw puzzles are only for children? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Puzzles celebrated their big comeback in 2020 - no wonder, because time flies by when puzzling. How about a 1,000 piece challenge? After you have picked out a pretty motif, the best thing to do is to look for a wooden plate or other surface on which to do the puzzles.

If you feel like it, you can stick the finished puzzle in a picture frame or on a canvas and hang the whole thing up. So you brought a bit of color into your own four walls. By the way: There are several providers who print the motif of your choice as a puzzle. How about, for example, a photo puzzle of you and your partner?

3. Go jogging

Regardless of whether you are a complete beginner in sports or you lack the athletic balance because the fitness studio or swimming pool you trust is currently closed: If you've always wanted to try your hand at jogging, now might be the right time. By the way, excuses don't count, as our myth check on jogging shows.

4. Let off steam at home

Is it still tingling in all parts of your body, even though you've jogged your neighborhood umpteen times? Or is this running just not your thing? Then try a workout at home - here we give tips on how you can get rid of the bumblebees in your butt without great aids.

5. Provide transparency

One more thing that we keep pushing ahead of us every year: cleaning the windows! So why not do a little spring cleaning and make sure the windows are clean? It's usually not fun, but it's pretty satisfying when you look through the window afterwards!

6. Redecorate the apartment

Spring is approaching with great strides. This is good news for all decoration fans: We can slowly plunder our decoration supply again and choose a suitable place for a bouquet of tulips. After all, it should be cozy and spring-like at home!

7. Finally read a good book again

You always wanted to read all "Lord of the Rings" books or all "Harry Potter" books? On the sofa, cuddle up and off you go! Those who prefer to indulge in memories instead of reading fat books will find inspiration here.

8. Try the roommate's game console

The Playstation, Xbox, Wii or Switch has been around in your apartment for a long time, but you haven't really dared to get it up to now? Then off to the controllers! Your roommates will be happy to let you in on the secrets of gambling. If you want to start with easy games that don't frustrate beginners, you'll find it here.

9. Escalate while baking

There is nothing better than home-baked goods - but it is often far too much effort for us to collect the leftover flour or to scrub the oven again after a real escalation. Now we finally have time to devote ourselves to our kitchen. How about, for example, a really delicious Apple Crumble with vanilla sauce? You can find more ideas on how to really escalate in the kitchen here. Maybe there is something for you among the favorite recipes of the N-JOY team. Good Appetite!

10. Brush up on foreign languages

"When I was at school I was so good at French. And my English is so rusty too ..." - does it sound familiar? Then get on with it - maybe it'll be enough for now to watch a film in English or another foreign language. This will give you a feel for the rusty foreign language again. If you turn on the subtitles, you still understand everything. More ideas on how you can brush up on your English or another foreign language, for example with the help of tandem apps, can be found here.

11. Discover new corners

We all have to get some fresh air. A lot of people are just getting their old inline skates or dusty bikes out of the basement. And if you are bored of walking the same way over and over again, you can also try a micro-adventure. Maybe you will discover completely new spots in your area on your little excursion. Pack the thermo mug and go out into nature - have fun!

12. Take a close look at finances

Another thing that is no fun, but can be very effective: Look for a few documents for the next tax return, check cell phone and electricity contracts to maybe find something cheaper, search your account history for unnecessary monthly expenses - there is always doing something.

13th time really mucking out

Your wardrobe is overflowing and the food stocks need to be checked again for their shelf life? When the closets are clearer in the end, that's even more satisfying than having clean windows. And maybe you can still make a little money here by putting sorted out clothes online to sell them on.

14. Create more color

Masking sockets, moving furniture to one side, protecting the sofa from splashes: giving walls a new color or restoring the gleaming white from moving in is not something that is done between the door and the hinge. We say yes: let's see it positively and use the time!

15. Series searched

Many of you probably already do, but now it's finally possible without a guilty conscience and without canceling appointments! Here, too, we have collected a bit of inspiration for you - from the binge-watching highlights of the N-JOY team to the series checks of the week.

16. (Online) game evenings

Pizza in the oven, games on the table - how about a cozy game night with your roommates? If you live alone or your favorite teammates do not live in the same household, you can also organize a game night via video chat. Whether "Tabu", "Black Stories" or "Who am I" - there are many games that you can play from a distance. Need some inspiration? Right this way!

17. Discover new podcasts

Just sit on the sofa, close your eyes and just listen: We would of course be happy if we at N-JOY can accompany you through the day - either with our live program or with our podcasts. Whether "Was there something else? The week with Kuhlage and Hardeland", "Deutschland3000 - 'ne good hour with Eva Schulz" or updates from NDR info on the coronavirus situation: Please listen to our podcasts!

18. Support family and neighbors

Always remember: you are not alone! We can give this feeling to others with the time we have now. Seldom before has it been so important that we stick together and help one another. For example, you can help your parents and grandparents with shopping or hang up notes in the neighborhood that you are happy to support high-risk patients so that they do not have to leave the house so often. In this way, you actively help to reduce the risk of infection for them.


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