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Teenage Mom: That's Why My Son Finds Me So Embarrassing!

During our summer vacation, my husband and I noticed: puberty is here to stay. Our son's childhood says goodbye more and more every day. The child grows what feels like 10 centimeters every day. The jeans that still fit last week are too short again. Shoes only seem to fit for half a year anyway. A loaf of bread can be finished 30 minutes after lunch. But there is also a lot going on inside of him. It seems that we parents, too, have entered a new age overnight. From now on we are embarrassed, lost, top-lost. I don't even want to complain about it, I can still remember it well with myself. Parents with rolling eyes don't need teenagers. But this new phase in my motherhood, the embarrassing one, can also be ushered in with humor. How else is Mama supposed to cope with it?

I'm embarrassed, or what the son calls it: LOST

“You are so lost, mom. Badly lost. "

I have well-intentioned advice on the child's presentation. I can back up my arguments with 13 years of my own school experience and 135 presentations to bored fellow students during my studies.

"Mom, stop your 80s stories. You are lost. "


I don't understand why “how the pants fall on the heels on the sneakers” is a reason not to put on brand new jeans at all. (Did I really say “brand new”?)

“Mom, you just don't get it. You paint your cheeks pink. Hallooooo? "


I watch him play "Fortnite". The son with a headset, highly concentrated, only sometimes he calls "Diggah" or "Hello, my name is Sebastian from Berlin."

“You, there is a woman who is shooting through a residential area. That can't be good for you. Better read a book. "

“Mom, I'm playing here with Jason from Liverpool and I'm learning ENGLISH. You are lost. Get out of my room NOW. "


“I met Sophia on the street today. Such a nice girl, she asked for you too. Make an appointment with her! In the past, in kindergarten, you always played so beautifully. You can go to the cinema or have an ice cream ...... "

"Mom, how embarrassing is that now?" (Here at the latest I feel like Loriot talking to his son in "Pappa ante Portas")

But I also notice that in general our lifestyle, how I spend my day, where we live, what I laugh about and talk to his father, how I dress and make up, is just one thing: Badly set off.

The children's cord is normal - why is it so difficult anyway?

I know this is normal. I know this is healthy and all natural. Our child grows up, his own person. This is not possible without cutting the cord and rejection. I would never hold it against him.

Still, it feels so stupid when you've obviously suddenly mutated into a fool. I also have concerns that I have now leased this idiot status for the next few years.

Practically overnight in favor of 100 to 3.5. Or is it just not possible to fool adolescent children? Could be……

I recently came across an old letter from Sebastian:

"Mom, you are great. I love you. Thank you for making so much possible for me. You look really great and your humor is of the finest kind. "

At the moment I pull out this letter every day, stroke the writing, hold it in love on my embarrassing pink make-up cheek and think wistfully back to that time. Because she will never come back the way she was. Our kid will never see us as those blatant superheroes that we never were anyway.

But there is hope that the children will love us again after puberty. Or?

Of course, I gave this text to the son to read beforehand. After all, I want him to find a nice retirement home for me later.

His verdict: "You can publish, but you are really cringe."

I wonder when I should confess to him that I will soon publish dance videos on TikTok ...... (don't worry, I won't!)

Which of you have teenagers at home? Is that familiar to you?

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