How does cold anger feel?

The four phases of anger: This happens within us

Rage and aggressiveness are the symptoms in this anger phase. This need to just strike, this feeling of bursting right away. If you experience it when you are alone, you also like to start shouting - for example in a traffic jam or when the train leaves under your nose and you will definitely be late for the appointment. But what to do with this anger when you are not alone? Does it make sense to venture out in society as well? "In the past it was said in the therapy scene: Anger is good! But today we know that it is not that easy. Just letting out feelings is of little use," says Andreas Knuf. "Because when we feel great anger, we like to provoke arguments or arguments might want to harm someone else. Strong feelings have occasionally like that much energythat under their influence we act automatically and become downright robots - often to our disadvantage and to the suffering of others. "Nevertheless, emotion researchers say you have to give the feeling space so that the brain has the chance to find the information that lies in the feeling , to integrate.

Because then this feeling has his Signal function fulfilled and can be inhibited. In this third so-called Escalation phase one is on highest level Anger, but at this very moment we have the opportunity to choose whether to express our anger or just to be quiet with it and not do anything. Because if there is a way to break the cycle of anger, it is the way of mindfulness. We go when we first perceive our feelings, secondly consciously feel and accept them, and then thirdly be able to deal with them with confidence.