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Election campaign

An election campaign is an exciting but also a stressful time. Politics becomes really tangible in the election campaign and suddenly there are countless opportunities to get involved. However, a good election campaign must be well planned and organized! On this page you will find an overview of the most important topics and areas that you should consider during the election campaign.

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Why is election campaign important?

Election campaigns are an integral part of our democracy. An election is a very important moment for our society, when all citizens can jointly determine where the country is going. The former President of the Bundestag Norbert Lammert put it particularly nicely: "Elections are the royal right of democracy, a solemn festival."

In the election campaign, ideas, positions and people are fought and argued. This gives the citizens of a country the opportunity to see the differences between the political competitors in a very compact and direct manner and can thus form an opinion - and ultimately make a decision about the choice. Even if you do a good job between election campaigns and keep informing people about you and your politics, you have to participate in this battle of ideas. That's perfectly fine too! Election campaigns today often have a negative sound. Again and again the accusation can be heard that a topic is being “drawn into the election campaign”. Yes why not? That's exactly what an election campaign is for!

When does the election campaign start?

There is no uniform beginning in the election campaign and there is also no all-inclusive best starting point. However, a few areas are legally regulated. There are always precise rules on site as to when parties and candidates are allowed to hang up their election posters and the time when election advertising can be switched on on the radio and television is also specified. But these rules are different everywhere. Most of the time, this so-called hot phase of the election campaign begins about six weeks before the election date. However, consider sending the postal voting documents. By this date, all the important arguments must be on the table and your election campaign must already be buzzing! You have to decide everything else. This is part of your specific strategy and the behavior of your competitors is not unimportant. If everyone else has already got off to a good start, but you haven't done anything yet, this will definitely have an impact on your election campaign.

From when the election campaign should be prepared

The following actually applies here: As early as possible! Campaigning is a lot of work, and many modern strategies take time to be effective. So you should start your preparations at least one year before the election date, or even better, even earlier.

Finances: What the election campaign costs

Lot of money! Yes, unfortunately that is the case. There are of course many ways to save money in the election campaign and work cheaply. But in the end, an election campaign always costs a lot of money. There is so much to pay for: posters, flyers, photos, videos, advertisements, giveaways, the coffee for the campaigners, events and much more. You should therefore draw up a financial concept for your election campaign in good time and draw up an exact cost plan. There is hardly an election campaign today without donations, you should organize these too.

Who pays for the election campaign?

There is no general answer to this question either. First of all, all parties and candidates pay for the election campaign themselves. However, the parties receive a certain amount of reimbursement for election campaign costs from the state. This is usually based on the election result - the higher the result, the more money the parties get reimbursed. But this money is never enough. That is why parties, elected officials and candidates regularly put money aside for election campaigns years in advance. Donations are also extremely important - but they are displayed very transparently.

The best campaign strategy

If you are concerned about the best campaign strategy, you are already ahead of many - because many start an election campaign without any strategy. Again and again one experiences that in the first meetings of an election campaign leadership, the number of flyers and posters is primarily a matter of wrestling instead of thinking about the right strategy. Everything stands and falls with the strategy - and for a strategy you first need a concrete goal. Only if you know exactly What You want to reach you can also decide how You want to achieve this goal.

A well-known strategy for actions and campaigns is the so-called AIDA strategy. It consists of four phases:

  1. A.ttention (attention)
  2. I.nterest (interest)
  3. D.esire (desire) and
  4. A.ction (action).

Creative election campaign

Let's not kid ourselves: Many election campaigns are extremely boring today. So it's time for a creative campaign! Why is that so important? Because most of the voters are already completely used to the traditional campaigns of the parties and candidates and are therefore often barely aware of them. That is a big problem! You can break this with a creative election campaign and automatically get more attention than your competitors.

There is no silver bullet for a creative election campaign - because then it would no longer be creative! Try to question your existing actions and the old strategies and consider where you can do something different. A creative election campaign must be surprising. It may not conform to the norm and may also have to amaze or offend a bit. Don't be afraid of criticism - there will always be criticism if you do something differently and try out new ideas.

Campaign ideas

So how do you come up with new ideas for the election campaign? It's hard work and always works better in a team than alone. Sit down with your team and first throw all your ideas on the table. Sometimes exciting things come out of it. Try to rearrange things that you've always done.It is only important that you never lose sight of your goal. Some ideas and some actions may appeal to a lot of people and attract a lot of attention, but they are so far removed from your goal that in the end it does not bring anything at all.

Organization: Planning is everything for your election campaign

A good organization is extremely important for your election campaign. Often times it becomes so stressful in the course of the campaign that you are happy if you have organized and planned everything correctly at an early stage. You should rely on proper project management! As a rule, the planning often takes just as much time as the subsequent action or campaign.

It is most effective if you divide the election campaign into different phases and prepare them in good time. The organization and planning phase is usually right at the front, even before the strategy. Because you also have to plan and organize how you want to work out the strategy. Ideally, you should start at least organizing an election campaign a year earlier at. That sounds like a lot of time! But keep in mind that there is a lot of work waiting for this time and some strategies only work well in advance. That is why it is so important to start organizing so far in advance.

The campaign team: together we are strong

An election campaign can only be carried out with a large number of helpers. That's why you need a strong campaign team! Doing everything alone just doesn't work. The campaign team should be set up early on, preferably when you start organizing the campaign.

There are different ways to fill the team. It would be bad, however, to choose only on the basis of proportional representation and local structures. Because first of all people should come together in an election campaign team who can do one thing above all else: election campaigns! So look for skills, talent and commitment above all. You need someone who is knowledgeable about finance and organization. You need comrades-in-arms who can take photos well and are good at graphics and layout. You need online specialists. And many more. Only then should you make sure that the team is ultimately rooted in the committees with which you will work in the election campaign.

The Internet in the election campaign

Without good online marketing, you will lose your campaign today! This is a very important finding from the last few years and the trend towards online election campaigns is accelerating more and more. It's no longer enough to have a website and do a little something on Facebook. A good election campaign today should first be thought of online - and only then should offline activities be integrated, adapted to everything that happens online. You can find out more about political online marketing here - and if you are simply looking for five last-minute tips for campaigning on the Internet, you will find them here!

Campaign posters and flyers

For many, posters and flyers are an integral part of the election campaign. That is also perfectly fine and it will be a long time before this maybe changed at some point. Election posters in particular are still an important element in every campaign today. They reach almost everyone in the constituencies and can make a significant contribution to mobilization and opinion-forming. But that only works if they are well done! A neutrally smiling candidate in front of a boring background simply doesn't move at all and therefore doesn't get you a meter closer to your campaign goal. So you need a good concept!

Posters, flyers and all other printed matter must also be designed in an appealing way. The volunteer who is just trying a new layout program on the computer - or even tinkering with Microsoft Word - is always a bad decision here. As a rule, you should put the layout of your printed matter in professional hands.

How information stands can work

To be honest, information booths are often a horror. Apparently they are the same everywhere - and equally unsuccessful everywhere. The classic information booth in an election campaign is often more occupational therapy for one's own party members than an actual election campaign. Most of the time the argument comes up: “But we have to show presence!”. That is also correct, but then please be professional. How do information booths usually look in reality today? An umbrella or tent and a high table with lots of flyers and giveaways around which the campaigners stand and deal with themselves. Such an information stand does not have a real goal and could be left out if in doubt!

For an information booth to work, you have to decide exactly what you want to achieve with it. Then you have to design it accordingly and also choose the right time and place. The sentence "We have always stood here!" is more of an argument for a new location. An information stand must be communicative! You have to approach people, be open and find a way to arouse their curiosity in large numbers and to address them in some way. Then the information booth will also work.

Giveaways: With small gifts for election success?

Similar to information booths, giveaways are also used in election campaigns without any point and without any aim. Just because a giveaway is popular doesn't mean that it will get you closer to your goal! You can't buy an election victory - not even with ballpoint pens or any other Tinnef. Be economical with the giveaways and only use them in a very goal-oriented manner. In principle, there should always be a thematic link.

Home visits: door to door

Sounding at home with people during the election campaign and convincing them there? Many candidates try to do this. But this door-to-door campaign carries many dangers and is difficult to organize. The problem with political house calls is that, when in doubt, they not only fail to help - they can also cause massive damage. The topmost rule should therefore be not to attract people uncomfortably at the door. The biggest problem with home visits during election campaigns is that they consume a lot of time and resources and the result is comparatively small. You notice: One should be skeptical about house calls.

Campaign events

For a successful campaign event, it is extremely important that you have the right target group in mind. In any case, your own party friends are not the right audience in the hot phase of the election campaign! Events in some back room, just because one hopes for the good news from some alleged multipliers, unfortunately bring nothing at all. You always have to rely on mass in the election campaign - events with only a few guests won't help you.

Win elections

You can win your election with election campaign advice from Magnecon! We'll help you find an effective strategy. Interested? You can get more information here!