What is the famous vegan meat

Five historical figures who you might not have known were vegetarians

Vegetarianism may never have been as widespread as it is today. According to estimates, there are seven million vegetarians worldwide in Germany alone. Ethical reasons play the greatest role for them. But the meatless diet has a long history. Even in ancient times, some people only ate fruit and vegetables.

"The time will come when people like me will look at animal killers with the same eyes as we do now at human killers" - according to the prophecy of one of the greatest universal geniuses in human history, Leonardo da Vinci.

But he wasn't the only brilliant mind in human history who followed a vegetarian diet. The German natural scientist Alexander von Humboldt practiced renunciation, the great poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the Russian writer Leo Tolsoi, but also the scientist Albert Einstein, who was born in Ulm - albeit late in life. For a long time, lentil soup with sausages was his favorite dish.

Today these historical figures are celebrated like heroes by many vegetarians around the world. Because they renounced meat dishes at a time when they often only received incomprehension from their fellow human beings. The food industry recognized the trend long ago and supplies vegan and vegetarian products in abundance. Worldwide, the number of people who forego meat dishes is estimated at more than a billion. In poorer countries, however, this often has nothing to do with morals or ethics, but with the fact that meat is simply too expensive.